Google Chrome leaping ahead of Safari

January 4, 2010

Latest news which would upset Apple and would actually bother Microsoft too. The news is that Google chrome which launched nearly a year ago is on a hit. It actually got ahead of Apple Safari which was in the race from a long time.

Our old Microsoft Internet Explorer is still on 1st. Thanks to the windows users who are using the default shipped browser.

The Mozilla Firefox is 2nd which is favorite of millions of people. The most secure and the fastest browser in the world. I guess the 80% of the guys reading this article will be using the same browser.

Here comes the new competitor in this race. All new Google Chrome. There is going to be a new revolution here. As it has been a big achievement in short time.

What has changed:

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer: This will make clear why Microsoft. Share in November 2009 was 63.62% and now loosing few points it goes to 62.69% in January 2009 Oops 2010, Well what astonished me most was that January hasn’t even begin. A straight 1% drop in 1 month is too much. My advice to Microsoft , even if you are ahead at least try to do something new. Just Look at this graph:

2. Firefox: Well some point drop for Mozilla Firefox too. Share in November 2009 was 24.72% and in January 2010 is 24.61%. I think Mozilla can deal with it. The new Mozilla release can fix it .

3. Google Chrome: Do I even need to write here. Got in 3rd place after few months of release. That’s a big achievement. So lets pray that it gains more popularity (I know Google will do that like the way it is advertising it.)

The Browser Graph located at :

Market Share can be found here:

<img src=”” alt=”” title=”Graph 2″ width=”120″ height=”105″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-2106″ />

  • David Hobson

    I like chrome lot, but i give up using it as for some reason i cant install extensions, even making the changes Googles blog suggest i just keep getting extensions not enabled.
    .-= David Hobson´s last blog ..United States Get Tough With Airport Screening =-.

  • Ramkumar

    Not many change their default browser and thats how IE is still there, but thank God they came up with IE8, the stupid old IE6 was the worst browser in history, i rather stick to Lynx rather than using IE6. Safari may become popular through one way( iPod & iPhone ‘s default browser is safari)
    .-= Ramkumar´s last blog ..Kaspersky blocks Infolinks – Trojan Activity =-.

    • Sukhjit

      That’s true but many Xp users are still with IE6. People also don’t prefer IE8 Much due to hangs, crashes and other bugs…

      Safari is used by almost all the mac users hence it had a quite fair share in this race.
      .-= Sukhjit´s last blog ..How to use ( Google url shortner service) =-.

  • shivaraj

    Ya so many users stick to only one browser, my Fav is Firefox …….sometimes for windows sites i use IE :)
    thanks for sharing.
    .-= shivaraj´s last blog ..Things to do after installing wordpress. =-.

  • Ajinkya

    i feel no surprised because it was bound to happen πŸ˜€
    since chrome became available for linux and mac , many of mac users just sticked on chrome , yet it still has many bugs
    Imagine what will happen when it becomes fully bugfree πŸ˜›
    .-= Ajinkya´s last blog ..New Year 2010 funny trick =-.

  • Siddhu

    Google always packs surprises… No doubt chrome is awesome… Even I’m waiting for it to come to #1 πŸ˜€
    .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Google New Year Page Rank Update PR 1 for Fun PC Life =-.

  • faraz hussain rajput

    Hi again sukhjit chrome is nice but im like only on firefox its nice speed im like it ….. :)

    • Sukhjit Singh

      Yeah! I like firefox too!
      .-= Sukhjit Singh´s last blog ..Why Yahoo Sucks? =-.

  • bagaimana

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