Google Chrome beats Internet Explorer Worldwide!

The Global Stats service from Statcounter reveals an interesting data about browser usage worldwide. The Search Engine giant Google is now victorious even in the browser war.

Google chrome was released on September 2, 2008. Even before completing its 4th anniversary it has got a tremendous growth and now in the month of May and June it has surpassed the Internet explorer, a browser made by Microsoft which exits from 1995.

Here is the link to stats page

While there is a drop in the user base of Firefox, The other browsers like Safari and Opera follows its trajectory with a common ups and downs.


  • emobile developer

    In January 2012, there was news
    and to some extent hypocrisy that had been become talk of the street and that
    was nothing but on Google Chrome. I mean it was the violation of Google by
    Google itself, Google Chrome purchasing links. For similar violations, Google
    penalized JC Penney, Forbes, and Overstock. Due to the lots of outer pressure,
    Google had to remove the chrome from SERP for browser keyword. The interesting
    thing is that despite this, it is on the progressive way and people still
    welcome it. BTW i have been using Google chrome and it is really tremendous compare
    to others. Thanks for sharing interesting information.

  • Clemence@iphone 4s cases

    Thanks for your sharing interseting information.It is really tremendous compare
    to others.

  • Anonymous

    Google Chrome is fast and user friendly as compared to Internet Explorer.

  • Mastercase

    good post, the comparision on google with others is

  • Spinx Inc.

    Yes I personally believe that Google Chrome beats Internet Explorer in the global web browser race. Personally, I like it the most because it is faster that IE and Firefox.

  • Lexi

    I didn't us IE for long long long time! Chrome is much better than it.

  • giri

    There are some specific reason to use it.

    Speed, Data benefit, Simple look, etc.


  • Chrome is much faster than any other browser but Firefox is best for bloggers…….

  • Before chrome i was using fire fox and internet explorer i had used around 6 years back. Most of the time i used chrome for working on forum

    Chrome is really world class and unbeaten web browser today