Google Chrome gets an enormous update

Google Chrome 17 is here! Update now to experience a new user interface.

Google Chrome 17 has finally been released. We had already told you earlier that the Chrome team, had plans to release the next big version of Google Chrome which included vast new speed improvements and security features.

Google Chrome Version 17 was out on February 8th. If you haven’t upgraded yet, its time to do so now. Just visit this page and install the official update. In case you are already a Chrome user, just click the wrench icon and press on About Google Chrome, the update will be installed momentarily.

After update you won’t notice any big changes in its looks, but there are some here and there. Chances are, you haven’t looked carefully. For e.g. the new tab button now doesn’t show a plus sign, its blank and looks attractive now.

The New tab button in Google Chrome 17

The new Chrome also gives you an option to set up chrome with your Google account. After you sign in, you can then sync all your Chrome Bookmarks, History and Settings onto your Google Account which can then be accessed by any device.

Sign in and sync in the new Google Chrome 17

Another new thing you will get to see is a refined new look for your History tab. Check it out in the pic below. The links appear in a collapsed list view now. An Actions icon appears for every history, giving you finer control over which items you want to see in your History tab. The Chrome buttons also have a new texture, and the check mark icon now looks more cute.

A new look of the history tab in Google Chrome 17

Coming to Security, if Chrome detects a malicious site, it will block the downloads and give you a warning before proceeding to download. As far as Speeds are concerned, you may want to give this one a try. Try typing a site name in the Chrome address bar. After auto-completing it, Chrome will begin pre-rendering the page before you even click. I checked out the homepage of and the stories loaded pretty quick. I got to see some significant speed improvements in this version.

Google Chrome 17 up to date

All in all, i am happy with this new version of Google Chrome. If you have anything to add, drop a comment below and share your personal experience of the new Chrome with us.

  • Hi Gautam Doddamani! Interesting process: not to type address in the same tab… but open a new, close old, then type. 🙂

    I didn’t see in this post the speed of Flash animation (this is a big problem for many browsers) and a speed of other animations (on MSN page you could try to change news with “left/right” buttons, for example).

    And I didn’t see also a download manager: it is horrible in some browsers. Google Chrome is not an exception as for me. Did it change?

  • Nice Web Blog and Also Well Written Post…

    good Job Gautam

  • I think Google chorme is the fastest browser and it working very well. I also using it. Thanks for share this news about Google Chrome.


    thank you man

  • I enjoy using the Google Chrome 17, especially the cloud reader I can now read the part of books from Amazon that I am interested.

  • I had been using google chrome for the past years after I was discourage about IE Internet Explorer. Chrome is one of those super fast browsers that I have used which mozilla is a bit second to it. It has great browsing speed and able to surf quickly.

  • It’s pretty article, google chorme is very fastest and supporting all framework, we can save our time while using google chrome.

  • Andersonsteve321

    A new Google Chrome release has recently hit the streets, which can now be downloaded from the official page as version 17 (Beta).

    Including various tweaks and bug fixes, Google Chrome 17 also brings two new features that will benefit both hardcore and new users.


  • Announced last year, a pre-load feature is now enabled by default and will load your sites before you even hit the enter button when typing URL in your address bar.

    In addition to that, Google Chrome 17 will protect the everyday users by informing them on possibly malicious files that they are trying to download. This is an expanded functionality feature introduced with the Chrome 12 release.

  • I like the new interface of Google chrome.

  • Finally we will play with new version of chrome, i think it will give me more faster browsing experience. Thanks for the information.

  • Google Chrome is my favourite browser at the moment and like the way it opens pages fast the user interface. in fact its really awesome and hope all join hands with me.

  • I’m going to upgrade my chrome according you to your instructions.

  • Andersonsteve321

    Hello, I receive your email and you were adsing me to download it however I found it difficult to download Google 17 and I also fear if that would be compatible with my window 7 acer laptop. Kindly email me again and let me exactly know how your downloadable process works. As you know, there are times or most of the time my internet is slow so I keep on using my booster but I don’t want using it all over again and this is the reason I wanted to know Google 17 besides I am currently using iGoogle as my default browser.


  • Really google chrome is the fastest browser. And the new version of chrome is more amazng. thanks for this information..

    • Yes, Google chrome from the beginning has remained the fastest browser in the comparisons of all browsers and now it releases its new version so it is an excellent news from the Google chrome.

  • The main thing I like about new chrome is there is no “+” symbol for opening a new tab, it is just a tab without any symbol with faster accessibility.

  • Chrome has become my favorite browser next to Safari. Since Firefox stopped running so well long ago. Chrome is clean, fast and just super awesome !

  • Google chrome is like the king of web browsers…