Google Buzz – Do you like it???


The latest topic in tech town is Google’s Buzz service. With the popularity of Orkut decreasing day by day and stiff challenges from competitors like Facebook & MySpace, Google would not want to make any more mistakes now. And looks like Google is ready to compete with the microblogging world too. Google’s Buzz service seems to be an open challenge to highly popular microblogging site, “Twitter”.

Buzz was launched about a week back and is already gaining popularity among the net savvy. But, I have my own reservations about it. Of course, the best part of Buzz is that it is integrated into gmail. Thats good news because you don’t have to build your friends network right from the scratch. And you don’t have to bother to follow anybody either. You can automatically receive updates from all your gmail contacts. And you can even share pictures and videos too.

But what are the minuses with Buzz??? If you’re a businessman using an official gmail id, then I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate receiving Buzz messages in your inbox. And you would hate it when hundreds of your official contacts end up following you on Buzz.

Being a great admirer of Google and their innovative strategies, I’m naturally disappointed with Google Buzz. I’ve always expected something “new” from the software giants. But lets face it folks – Buzz is a rip-off of twitter. Providing support for multimedia, giving it a new look or integrating it with gmail does not make Buzz any way better than twitter. Google should have tried to come out with a new path-breaking concept and we all know that they are best at doing that!

So, in conclusion, Buzz seems to be a last minute contigency plan by Google to make sure that they remain in the competitive social networking market. Hope that Google comes out with something bigger, better and innovative next time


  • Totally agree with you. Google just behaved like kids who try to imitate other folks. Google buzz . Failings labs.Orkut.Wave. Really depressing!!!!
    .-= Ruth´s last blog ..Midnight Gyan and gibberish =-.

  • You are right but I feel Buzz isnt a ripp off of Twitter. Twitter already has huge user base and apart from that its accessible to many applications too.

  • I am using a new Gmail account for Google Buzz. I love the conversation and interaction part of it.
    .-= Agent Deepak´s last blog ..Interview with Jim the Net Fool Guy =-.

  • I think Google Buzz though some how a copy of Twitter, isn’t completely like it! It has more up to date features with “No Character Limit”, “Videos”, Photos”, Etc.
    So it is not right calling it as Twitter copy!! I like Google Buzz!!
    .-= Saksham Talwar´s last blog ..How To Check Google Page Rank? =-.

  • Dev

    Google Buzz is much better than twitter and facebook..

    \m/ Thanks
    .-= Dev´s last blog ..Google Buzz challenges Twitter And Facebook =-.

  • i havent used google buzz till now

  • I don’t like google buzz that much. It has more options than twitter but still twitter is my fav. 🙂
    .-= Loveish´s last blog ..40 Most Wanted WordPress Plugins =-.

  • Yes I liked it.
    But i hate the interface

  • Well, I liked it, but I seriously feel that they violated privacy policies of the users.
    .-= provamsi @ India365´s last blog ..How to Unblock a Blocked Follower in Google Buzz =-.

  • Buzz is nothing when compared to the other great products of Google, Its merely an effort , worthless by Google to lead the social networking, Buzz is a complete disappointment..!!
    .-= Ramkumar´s last blog ..100 Most Visited Websites in India =-.

  • Buzz is okay but isn’t it more like a social networking website as opposed to twitter which is a micro-blogging website?
    .-= Deeps´s last blog ..All is not ‘fair’ in India! =-.

  • google buzz is a disappointment… they copied features of wave n made it buzz… i Dont like it!!
    .-= sharath´s last blog ..Happy 6th birthday, Flickr! =-.

  • Arunima

    Let that Google and twitter compete each other …. It`s their duty to provide new and innovative ideas and offers to us.. 🙂
    Personally I think Google with all of it`s products is great… Buzz is also good… nothing to doubt about it… Ans as it is with gmail it`s very easy to access U don`t have to manage ur time to go to some website and spend ur valuable time to know the sharing and sayings about ur friends….
    while checking mail u van do it… and it is the super plus point of using gmail and buzz….

  • I would compare Buzz to Facebooks status update more than Twitter. The fact that you can comment on others Buzzes, where you cannot on Tweets, allows for communication, not just one way comments. The edge that Buzz should run with, especially for my demographic, is that Facebook has a lot of users who use the site as it was originally intended, as a social college party site. I tend to keep my facebook page fun and more about who I am socially, where my Gmail account is more professional. I would not Buzz about how I am still feeling hung over from yesterdays St. Patricks day party, but it would for sure be a Facebook topic. Honestly I am over the whole social media phenom and am ready for innovates to find a new way to market. Personally I think TigerText is the best way to send messages to the public..

    • Hey Brandon Gerson, Welcome to Chaaps!
      Thanks for Leaving your Comment

    • Hello Brandson! Thanks for your comments. Your observations are interesting. As you rightly pointed out, Gmail account is more professional as when compared to facebook. So, i guess that we have to leave it to the user’s discretion as to which he would prefer 🙂
      .-= Nandini Rajagopalan´s last blog ..Slow Poison from the Music Maestro =-.

  • i agree with you, thanks for nice article…