Google Buzz displays Google Ads for your Shared Feeds and Posts


One More Reason to Share the Stuff on Google Buzz! If You have Integrated your blog/website (with adsense enabled feed) with Google Buzz account, there are more reasons to Smile.

From Past 2 Days, Google is showing Up “Ads by Google” on your Content. The Ads will be displayed along with your Feed content… Location of Ad Units depends on your Feed settings for ads.

The Above Screenshot is taken from my Buzz feeds. I have Highlighted the “Ads by Google” in Red. The display of ads into your Google Buzz feed could boost your adsense earnings…. Yes, I tested it… The Ads are displayed solely of yours (I checked out the Pub-id, it matches mine).

This is a Very Good Initiative by Google… Now “sharing is caring” can soon turn into “Sharing is Earning” .. I am Impressed with the Google’s move of displaying ads in the Buzz stream…

How to Enable Ads for your Feeds if You have not enabled??
How to enable Google Ads on buzz?

If You have enabled ads for Feeds already you may skip this step.. The ads were displaying for your feeds (you might have noticed when you have read through google reader)

If you haven’t adjusted the settings for feed ads.. You could Just Visit your Adsense account >> Adsense Set up >> Adsense for Feeds And follow the Instructions there..

Please Note- You Got to Wait, To See Ads on your Feeds.

What’s your Reaction on Google Adsense on your Content in Buzz?? leave your Clean Comments..