Google all set to unveil Body Browser that maps out Human Body

Google is on its way to unveil a new browser that can map the entire human body.

Google Body Browser a 3D hightech application is a breakthrough the study of anatomy that could increase people’s understanding of the human body and even fast track media research.

At the WebGL Camp at SRI, Google’s WebGL team demoed a Web3D medical application called Google Body Browser, which lets us explore the human body just like how you can explore the Google Earth.

In 2007 , Google introduced another application called Street View which provides panoramic views from various positions along many streets in the world. Google Body Browser comes out with the introduction of the Internet Technology called WebGL that will allow complex 3D graphics to be used on normal web pages.

Flash, Java or any other plugins are not required for this application.  this application can completely run on any WebGL supported browser.

WebGL is not enabled by default in chrome 8. Type about:flags in the address bar, click “Enable” next to ‘WebGL” and then click on “Restart now”. Where as WebGL is enabled by default in Chrome 9 Dev channel, Chrome Canary Build and Firefox 4 Beta.WebGL is expected to become standard in new versions of most Internet browsers, including Firefox, to be released next year. This technology will be very much helpful in the anatomical education.

Google Body Browser: Visit