??? Google URL Shortener.

googleMany of us are familiar with bit ly, tinyurl and all the other popular well know URL shortener’s. The main use of this URL shortener’s are to shorten long urls to something little.

Today Google released a new version of Google Toolbar, and FeedBurner. In both the Google Toolbar, and FeedBurner Google released a new feature ” “. is a URL shortener available free to use, but is only usable to people using Google’s Toolbar, and FeedBurner.

The new Google service main goals is

  1. “ensuring that the service has very good uptime”
  2. “protecting users from malware and phishing pages”
  3. “fast resolution of short URLs”

Basically the based on Stability,Security, and Speed. Sadly as i said early the service is limited to people using the Google Toolbar, or using FeedBurner. Google wish is to provide this service to everyone.

The main question here is Google going to overtake and tinyurl? Will Google find success in this industry?

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