GMail to Use the Power of HTML5


HTML5 is Emerging! Google is Promoting HTML5 Standard in a big Way!
Soon Google’s Web based Email Service “Gmail” will be rendered in HTML5!

Quick Note:
How HTML5 in Gmail can make a difference

  • Speed of loading and execution time of Gmail will be enhanced with the implementation of HTML5 Standard
  • Loading Time of Gmail to go Under 1 Second!
  • Document Object Model (DOM) , will be eliminated if Gmail is used in HTML5 Supported browser.
  • New Feature, One can Drag Files to Gmail from Desktop
  • Makes use of HTML5’s database standards for email services (presently, it makes use of Google Gears)
  • Magic iFrame, which allows a user to view a part of a web page which in a frame and has a functionality to Render there and one could pull out into a New browser.

So Are you Excited to See Your Brand New HTML5 Gmail?