Gmail Preview Pane launched

Gmail Preview Pane launched. Browse mails faster

Gmail just yesterday launched its new gadget or shall i say a Labs feature, the Preview Pane. As the name suggests its use, the widget is used to preview your mails rather than opening them completely.

Gmail Preview Pane enable

To enable this feature just goto your mail settings, select the Labs tab. Enter preview as your search word. Click on the Preview pane result. Mark the Enable checkbox and click Save changes.


When the page gets reloaded, you will see a small list button at the side of your navigation buttons. Just click it and you will be shown with a dropdown box. Select Vertical Split or Horizontal split according to your desire. A new sidebar will be launched. Just click on any mail message and you will be previewing it on your preview pane in no time.

Gmail Preview Pane in action

Quite an easy way to check your messages isn’t it? I for one think its very arduous and time consuming to sit and open each unread mail and press back to return to the inbox. With this feature a lot of mails can be read in a short time.

Folks at TechCrunch and Mashable are regarding this as a messed up and an incomplete product but i beg to differ.

Tell us what you think about this new contraption! Is it a GO or a NO-GO?

  • Shakti

    this was really missing feature in Gmail which MS outlook had it already.. Thanks Gautam for this info..

    • thanx shakti. seems like gmail has introduced an idea dat was long seen in gmail android apps and outlook. but gmail sure needed this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This one is a nice tool indeed for the people accessing gmail from remote locations or the places where there isn’t high speed broadband connectivity. Nice to know that these kind of widgets are being made to allow ease of access.Thanks for sharing!

  • Will check this feature right away! Thanks for the info…

  • candy

    wow thank you so much for this one! i have been using gmail but i never knew about this! i really appreciate this info! this would definitely make it easier for me to check my messages in gmail

  • No split, vertical split and horizontal split these three option just amazing. Full support to user positive experience.

  • Nice this was sorely needed.

  • Anna

    thanks for this useful info man!

  • Jo

    thanks for the info, rarely do I have the time to look for a special application

  • Thanks to you I enabled it and must say It is great. It is amazing how one less click is making it better ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tahnee Ryan

    Aww, I went as far as the Settings tab only then it game me an error message. But I’ll try again later. Must be my browser or connection. ๐Ÿ™

  • barak

    Hi i cant bealive they thought about it just now, and not 5 years ago.
    anyway that a great feature.
    (p.s. a comment about your blog: i suggest you to use a plugin that open pictuers on the same page instead of taking your viewers to a diffrent page)

  • Stewart

    While reading this, I immediately set up my mail settings. Very useful tool. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Jerssel

    Very useful tool when i try it made me smile it makes my works easy and fast, i am so glad that you share this to us,i can’t wait to share this to my friends.

  • That is pretty cool, thanks for the info, I will have to go check out the preview for myself.