Gmail gets an ERROR!


Last time when did you see Google Mail down or an error in it? Don’t remember nah? Even I don’t! Gmail was in beta mode for quite a long time and even longer than it’s parent company Google. Gmail never gave any error in beta too, Google always tried to keep the users happy unlike the Yahoo! Mail who discontinued many their services and later on even filled the Mail pages with silly Adverts, which was also a point for them to lose users and force them to move on.

Well, coming to point.. Last night I came across an error in G Mail, which may irritate the users and force them to move on as the Yahoo! Did by filling silly adverts. First I thought that there’s some problem in Google, but it wasn’t though the problem is in their server only.


Gmail Error
Gmail Error

What is the problem?

I didn’t understand the main problem behind it, perhaps the error is coming because when we log out of our Account it gets redirect to Google accounts ( from Google Mail (, or is not getting redirected properly. I tried what’s my Firefox is saying, but believe me it won’t work.


STOP using Gmail till Google fixes it. šŸ˜›


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