Gmail gets a new look and a redesigned interface

Gmail gets a new look too: New themes, Smart search box and more


Gmail has been revamped and now has a new look. It is a part of Google‘s transitions to provide a rich new user interface across all its products, now Gmail has climbed aboard too.

Lets check out what new features have been introduced in the Gmail‘s interface.

New HD themes:

Firstly there are a lot of HD themes for you to check it out. I tried out some of the nice themes like Beach theme and Ocean theme. I loved those two a

lot. Go ahead and personalize your mailbox now.

Gmail's new look - new HD themes introduced

Smart Search Box:

Next feature is the search box. It is a whole lot smarter now. There is no need for you to remember anything. Just enter any word that you are searching for in a mail and Gmail will list out all the results for you.

Gmail's new look - smart search box

You can also filter your search criteria by providing the recipient’s name or an approximate date interval you received that mail. Gmail also gives you the option to search it from All Mail, Spam, Trash and other boxes.

Easily identify your conversations:

The next new change is the redesigned conversations. You can now see profile pictures embedded right beside your specific conversation. Now it becomes more easy for you to identify the person with whom you had a conversation.

Gmail's new look - redesigned conversations

Choose the appearance for your mails:

There’s also been a change at how you look at mails. Whether you want your mails to be spaciously arranged or in a cozy fashion or prefer a much more compact one. You can set it right away by accessing the Gears handle and choosing your arrangement according to your needs.

Gmail's new look - customize mail appearance

As an added advantage Gmail will automatically resize itself if you resize your browser window, so it looks nice in all cases.

Customize your chat area:

The last feature is the customizable chat area. Now you can resize your labels and chat box. For people who chat a lot you can leave the box to show up all the time or if you don’t chat a whole lot often you can hide it by accessing the chat icon in the lower left area.

Gmail's new look - resize chat area

So these are the new changes the Google team rolled out on Gmail today. If you enjoyed these features as much as i did, don’t forget to post a comment and share your views with us.

Source: Official Gmail Blog


  • Again a new comfort zone came from Google, i have already send a positive feedback to Google.

  • I updated my account to the new look yesterday. It’s a mix feeling. Have to leave my comfort zone. I was so used to old design. But there are some really nice options in the new look. The thing that i like the most is the new look of conversation. That now also incorporates the image of your contact. But i just miss the colors in my previous look. I think the old look has clear definite lines for everything.

    • yea daniel…but the introduction of HD themes really gets a +1 from me…the background pic changes everyday and i lyk it very much 🙂

  • I haven’t seen the revamp yet, I will have to log in and check it out.

    • its now available to everyone 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Google is consistently working hard on its new design and finally we got to see something new…

  • Really Very awesome look of gmail. i like it too much and i have already integrate this new look.