GhantaGhar: A Desi Twitter Alarm Which Rings For Every Half an Hour!


Lost in Twitter World? This Post is definitely for you. An Alarm which Alerts you for every Half an Hour, The Twitter way!

Accidentally I came Across a Twitter Profile by Name “GhantaGhar” which means Clock Tower! People Follow this Profile just because it tweets “Tan Tan Tan” for Every 1 Hour!! They Retweet This Alarm to their Followers!! You may wonder what’s so special about this, but I definitely Give a Thumbs Up for “GhantaGhar” cause of its unique way of reaching People!

Here is How The Sample Timeline of GhantaGhar looks

GhantaGhar writes in its Description

Name: Clock Tower
Location: India
Bio: main samay hoon.. main kabhi rukta nahi.. hamesha aage badhta rahta hoon
(which means: I am Time, I will Never Stop, I will always be Running Forever)

Currently GhantaGhar Tweets in IST with the text टन टन टन टन टन टन टन टन टन टन (Hindi). Are you Following Twitter’s Desi Alarm?

Link to Follow GhantaGhar!