Get Better Images with Google Image Swirl (In Labs)


Google Image Swirl is Live from November 2009 and it is taking its own shape sitting in Google Labs… Google Image Swirl Looks like Google Wonder wheel, one of the differences is that the Same Wonder wheel is displayed with Images and you can navigate from one Image to other image using the Wonder wheels which shows all Similar, Relevant and matching Images!

To Know More about Wonder wheel, Read: Google Wonder Wheel! Spin The Search Wheel As You Like

With Google Image Swirl, You get to see all Relevant and Similar Images which belongs to the category of images which you were searching for..
Why you feel better using Google Image Swirl is you feel the Ease od Spinning of wheel.

Using Google Image Swirl, we searched for “Popeye” ..and here goes the Results

Better Images after a Spin…

Even Better Images after a Spin…

Even More Better Images when Try it on Google Image Swirl