Full Length Ads by Google to Promote Google Chrome


Bigger Ads Perform Better. That’s What we Have Learnt from Google. Google Adsense Has Given Hell lot of Tips and Tricks for Publishers to Improve Click-Through Rate on Advertisements By Suitably Optimizing and Positioning It.

Have You Ever Seen A Google Ad which is as Bigger as Your Page!??
Yes, Here it is!.

Google’s New Strategy to Put up Full Length Page Ads on Webpages. Currently Google is Promoting Their Own Products Like Google Chrome on This BIG ad slots. In Future This Feature May be Available for Other Advertisers, Not Sure.

Let Us Have a Look at Google’s BIGGEST ad Blocks Promoting Google Chrome

New BIG Ad Block-1

This Ad Block’s Length is 960 X 250 Px.. You Can Imagine How Bigger It is. Here is the Screenshot.
Page Banner

You Can See This Google Ad on Youtube HomePage at Youtube.com Which Promotes Google Chrome Browser and Its Capabilities in The Form Slideshow, which You Can Pause and Play.

New BIG AdBlock-2

This Advertisement Occupies Almost The Entire Area of The Page. The Size of This Ad is 735×500 px. In Short, We Can Call This as KING of Google Ads! Have a look at it

Full Page Google Ad Promoting Google OS

You Can See This Ad Live on All Your Exit Pages of Orkut.. Or Simply Visit This Orkut Exit Page to See Giant Ads!

Till Now Google Carried The words Bigger Ads are Better and Now is this the Time to say Biggest Ads are Best! ?

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