Friendship Day is Most Celebrated in India than Any Countries : Google

The Friendship day was first Introduced by United States of America. The Popularity of Friendship Day has crossed its limits Across the Borders.. Following The Celebration of International Friendship day in US, Other Countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Many have derived this Event and Celebrates ‘Friendship day’ on First Sunday of August. India’s Celebration of Friendship day is Intensive among all the Nations.. We bring you the Solid Proof!

History of Friendship Day

This Dates back to the Year 1935, Friendship Day was Called in the honor of two Dedicated Friends….The First Sunday of August or August 3 is Celebrated as “National friendship day” as an Annual Event which was declared by United States Congress.. The Huge Success of Friendship Day in US, made other Countries to adopt the same culture by dedicating a day for friends…

Impact of Friendship Day in India

The Purpose of Writing this Blog is to Show all you Readers how grandly it is celebrated in India… and How Much Popular and Important it is for all sections of people in India.. We are Taking ‘Google Search Trends(India)’ as a Proof… What really Trends in India on the Occasion of this Event…

Friendship day Quotes Tops in Google Trends

Looking at The Top Trends in Google for Today (August 1 2010) It Clearly Indicates More than 70 to 80% of the People are busy searching for some Cool Friendship day quotes, Gifts, poems, shayaris, Pictures etc.. just to show their love and affection to friends by passing the wonderful message of friendship…By Looking at the above Google Trends, Friendship day is celebrated as festival in India.. (Even More than that) .. Even the Desi Festivals don’t attract this much fame… Some of the Trending topics in Google is “Friendship day Quotes” , “Friendship day SMS”, “Friendship day Pictures” and “Friendship day Greeting Cards”…

SMS and Friendship Day

One Important Aspect which we should observe here is “Friendship day SMS” … Why should people search for SMS on Web? This has a Powerful Reason… India has the Highest Number of Mobile Subscribers across the world and Most of the Indians (who are capable of reading and composing SMS) choose the SMS way to Share their Wishes to Friends. SMS Rates/Tariff in India is always free or Less. And the country uses SMS for everything . Having looking at the Potential of Friendship day, It has now become a BIG business for Telecom Operators in India..

Mobile Operators across India has considered Friendship day as an Occasion or Special Day, where the Regular Free SMS Packs will be Suspended for that Particular Day.. And Every SMS Would get Charged 1Rupee, (which Indians cant Tolerate)..
Vodafone SMS Tariff on Special Days like Friendship Day: Re 1 per SMS

Friendship day going Commercial

Mobile Subscribers are put into a Dilemma to wish on this occasion or losing a Rupee… This Event Generally Brings People to Think.. as there will be hUge Huge set of Friends for everyone.. and They have to wish for all! Some People choose to Celebrate Friendship day through SMS before the Friendship day, to avoid high Charges of SMS.. And some choose the web way using Free SMS tools like or …. Not Surprisingly, “way2sms” and “160by2” will be made as Top Trends, as a result of Higher SMS Tariff in Mobile…

Friendship day Celebrations and Social Networking Sites

We Got the Reason , for Trending topics on Friendship day” … Friendship day is going Commercial with lots of Marketting Strategies… Other ways of Celebrating Friendship day is by Exchanging Gifts like Sweets and Flowers, Tieng friendship bands, Wrist Bands are Very Popular in India.. in addition to all these, the advent of Social Networking Sites have Created a Much Hype for this Friendship day.. where people send Virtual Gifts, Embed html scripts, colorful Gif Friendship day pictures, using the social media , Orkut (popular in India ) ( sending Friendship day wishes via Scraps) and in Facebook, through Status Updates and Walls, Photo Tagging Friends in a cool Friendship day Photos…

Friendship day in US

Having said all these , Looking at the Search Trends of Google in United States (The Inventor of Friendship day), you cannot find even a single term “friendship” in their Searches… Have a look at this screenshot of Google Trends on Friendship day Occasion…

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    Happy Friendship Day

    Yes, what you pointed out is correct. My knol on friendship day is a trending article on google knol platform today.

    On twitter also, three terms on friendship are trending
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  • simple reason , india is the 2nd most populous english speaking[almost] country .. 🙂

  • wow! great to know this fact about our country, but then we are also the top contenders for producing SPAM,..Right??. Happy Friendship day 2 u!!!.. cheers to India!!!!!
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  • Though its started in US, We Indians are following that better than them. It makes a simple sense India is a place where every culture will b accustomed nd its the land of multi-culture. Jai Hind 🙂
    Happy Friendship day to all Chaapers 🙂

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  • Satinder Jeet Singh

    Though, there are not much literature on the history of friendship day but there are numerous instances and folktales that shows that friendship has been given utmost importance since ages. It was in the US in 1935 that an official day was dedicated to friendship.

    These days, personalized gifts and greetings are in vogue which are easily available at online stores like the ‘Post My Greetings’. To know more –

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    A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. Friendship day bring backs the good old memories that we have created
    with our friends. You can celebrate this day by giving custom gifts and
    personalized greeting cards with voice messages available at