Follow @unfollowr to Know who unfollowed you on Twitter!


Twitter is a Place where you follow people whom you want to be in touch with. You Follow Celebrities to Show your Fan Love. You Follow News and Technology Profiles to get Continuous News Updates, You follow some entertainment profiles like funny oneliners, quotes etc to pass out your Time. Different people use Twitter for different, different purposes!

Have YOU not Followed Someone because he/she(Human) is Following you??! (Now Accept It :P)

Okay, Now You’ll Feel a bit Proud that the follower of you will be Notified whenever you tweet your Status. How Much Sure are you that your Follower will remain your Follower forever?? Why Not Get Notified when someone unfollows you?

Here is a Service, which notifies you if any of your followers unfollows you ! By this you can Realize what your value is, (and you can atleast ask the unfollower why he is not following you! :P)

How do You Activate This Notification Service?

It’s As Simple as anything.. You Just have to Follow Mr Unfollowr on Twitter. Once you follow @Unfollowr you will start receiving Direct Messages from Unfollowr which contains usernames of your recent unfollowers.. Just like this [These are My Recent Unfollowers]

What are you waiting for? Start Following @unfollowr and get to know who are your unfollowers on twitter! 🙂