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What is a Patent?
Patent is a Set of Rules Granted by an Authority(National Government) to an Inventor for a Particular period of Time in exchange for a public disclosure of an invention.

If You are Interested in Viewing The Patents. Google Patents is the Right Place. Google Patents has a collection of over 7 Million Patents!

Google Patents Search is Available at

The data of all these Patents comes from United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Google has Organized it Very Well such that you cannot miss any of them.
You Could List the Patent Items Sorting by Newest First or Oldest. With The Option of Cover View and List. Searching The Patents can be done in 3 modes, listing only for Applied patents or Issued Patents or Both.

A Search for Patent for ‘GPS’ showed me the Above Result where Nokia Inc has applied for “POSITIONING-TRIGGERED HANDOVER” you can also be touch with latest status and information of different Patents by Subscribing for Particular Feeds,

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