Bored with Google Reader? Try Feedlooks!


Google reader is the only rocking feed reader online. When we look around for other alternatives, we may get to know  many new services but most of them are not convincing. The only Google reader counterpart that stands out is Bloglines and I came to know that unfortunately Bloglines is going to be shut down this October 1. Now I came across a site called Feedlooks which maybe considered an web-based alternative to Google reader. The funniest part to be noted here is that I was informed about Feedlooks via Google Reader! 😛

Feedlooks features:


  • Simple, easy-to-use interface. Feeds can be classified into folders based on their categories.
Feedlooks home
Feedlooks home dressed in a simple interface
  • Interest meter – which shows the reaction of that particular article by other Feedlooks users. It is represented by no line, single grey line, double red line and a fire symbol which respectively denotes the reach of the post in ascending order.
Interest meter
Interest meter
  • Whenever you click on an article in a feed, it redirects you to the website directly
  • A fully fledged nav-bar where you can pin/unpin articles for reading later, mark article as new, and share it in Facebook, Twitter and various other social networking sites.
Redirection to the website with a nav-bar to navigate to next/previous posts
Redirection to the website with a nav-bar to navigate to the next/previous posts
  • Subscribing to any RSS feed/twitter feed is as easy as ABC.
  • You can, if needed, import your subscriptions from Google reader
  • You can always change the color scheme of your Feedlooks home [As of now, there are only six available options]


  • The concept of marking articles as new/old instead of marking as read/unread is new and people might take a while to get adopted to it.
  • There are only six color schemes
  • You get only one line of excerpt of any post. You need to click and explore directly in the website to read more.
  • RSS’s main objective is to give a helping hand if the Website is down for Server maintenance, updating themes or likes. If the RSS reader just redirects you to the website, is the purpose of a feed Reader really served?
  • It is in a BETA version and you can expect to face a Bug anytime [For instance, when I clicked on an Article of official twitter blog it took nearly 30-40 seconds to load]

According to me, Though Feedlooks may be considered a good Online feed reader, it is no way near the greats of Google Reader. Share your thoughts.