Facebook’s New Photo View Rolled Out

The Social Network, Facebook has rolled out a new Feature where one can expand the Photo, and navigate through the Related Photos in Photo album by still staying in “News Feed” section.

Earlier, When the User used to click on thumbnails of photos in News Feed, it used to take directly to album jumping from the News Feed Section. This New Feature, makes the life simpler by popping a large preview of that photo and also includes all related photos within the view. One can easily Slide Photos, Like or Comment by still staying in News Feed Section!!

Happy about the New Feature Roll Out? or You don’t Care? Let us Know!


  • I hate it personally, perhaps they should give an option to go to the older style.


  • hey i also don’t like this new feature. The old one was good.

  • I disliked it at first but I see the need for it because it lets you stay on the same page if you’re clicking on one image among a group of many others, such as in an album. Hopefully they will refine it as time goes on.

  • I still really have not gotten used to this change facebook! It worked well before, I don’t think will ever get used to it.

  • I like this feature of Facebook a lot as in this you need to navigate to your friend’s page where the picture is actually situated.

  • Thanks for the news Chethan. I am not yet used to this new Facebook image viewing option, but it is more handy then the old one.

    – Robert

  • i actually dont like this new style of facebook pictures, im actually used to the older style, i think its more classy and better to look at.

  • It is really nice feature of FB. I like it. IMO it is better than previous one.

  • The Latest FB photo View suckz though its allowing us to run other stuff in back-ends they could have opted for some better design like Picasa or should have come up with some new thoughts. But the entire update suckz

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    it is nice but the older one was best comparing to the new one