Facebook’s New Hover Cards

If you logged on to Facebook today and hovered your cursor over a Facebook page or user’s name you may of seen the new Facebook hover card. A hover card is a small popup window that appears with information about a user which includes: there name (page or user), there cover photo, friends that like the page or friends in common, their occupation, and some instances an overview of the user.
Below is an image of what my hover card looks like when I view my own.

The new hover card also has two button, one to see the status of your friendship (or add as friend) as well as a button to message the

user (depending on their privacy settings).If i didn’t know better it seems that Facebook is making a business type card for users for everyone to see, as well as making it easier to socialize with people on Facebook.
Back in 2010 Facebook had a feature like this that pop ups to show information about a user’s interests and being able to delete and add as a friend making it simplified so you don’t have to make a million clicks to add a person or message them.
This feature will enable users to save a lot of time from having too have clicked all over the place. In my own opinion this article will bring great meaning to Facebook and its users, epically considering recently Facebook has been adding several new features and changes for a couple of weeks, and what more is to come? What do you think of this new feature i consider awesome?


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  • This is really helpful specially when you don’t know people who’re adding you up…

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    I never focus on my Facebook accounts after read it i got the Hover Cards in my facebook nice sharing and thank to inform me.

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  • emobile developer

    Hi Shaquille….
    Thanks for notifying the interesting Facebook feature, hovercard. This is really cool and quite handy feature. If Facebook wants, it could make this features more catchy by adding more actions like send a message, write on wall, poke feature etc…Anyway, what the current details it shows quite useful.

  • Nice change. Something new and fresh. This new hover card feature is interesting.

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  • Spinx Inc.

    Yeah, this is a handy and interesting feature offered by Facebook. What,I like the most about this feature is it allows users to learn more about and interact with items in their feeds without opening a new tab.

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