Facebook vs Twitter - from the Blogger's shoes

Facebook vs Twitter: From the Bloggers’ point of view

Undoubtedly the arguments about Facebook vs Twitter, today, is one of the most critical and most common controversy. For a normal person, Facebook is more impressive mainly because of it’s ease of use and more importantly Most of their friends are only in Facebook. You may feel twitter has an isolated atmosphere in the initial stages. But as you get more friends and followers, twitter starts to sound interesting. If you consider yourself as a weaker vessel in terms of the twitter effect, read our previous articles about twitter.

Facebook vs Twitter - from the Blogger's shoes
Facebook vs Twitter - under the Blogger's shoes

Which social network tend to send you more traffic? Twitter or Facebook? Which is the social network, from which you are longing for traffic?

1. Facebook

First of all, Having more friends is not the intention. Even if you have few friends, let them be your real friends and they will automatically ‘like’, comment or at least pour an eye on your wall/profile.


You can use applications like NetworkedBlogs or RSS Graffiti to automatically ping your profile or page once you published a post in your blog. Also, do remember people like you only if you BE HUMAN! Don’t automate everything.

2. Twitter

I started my twitter account in October 2009 and didn’t even cross 20 followers till June 2010. I had no friends there, I was following only celebrities and i didn’t even tweet a mere 100 times for 7 to 8 months. Later, after reading an e-book about twitter, I started tweeting with hash-tags, mentions and started targeting users by using #FollowFridays. Once you gain a considerable amount of followers, just carry out some twitter strategies.

Share with us which is the social network that sends you great traffic and which one’s pulling your leg. Do let me know whether you are going to share this in Facebook or give it a retweet, or both. 😛