Facebook turning Zuckerbergian

Facebook is a popular social networking site which allows men and women of all age and race to interact and socialise with each other. Facebook was created by a Harvard graduate who goes by the name ‘Mark Zuckerberg’. He got popular from his award winning movie ‘the social network’.


The alarming news is that Facebook users who got inspired by him are now turning onto his footsteps, mostly the dirty footsteps. Reports from Chicago Tribune states that a 17-year-old former student from Oak Park-River Forest (ORPF) high school had allegedly posted a 4-page list ranking 50 girls on their physical appearance on the popular site FACEBOOK.

Chicago Sun-Times said that the student has been identified and immediately expelled from the school and will no longer be permitted to enter the premises. As shown in the movie ‘the social network’ the student devised the same idea and started rating the girls on their looks and sexual behaviour. The student gave a 5-point-rating on their private body parts. There was also an indication of whether their “stock” has gone up or down. The term used was derogatory. According to the newspaper, the girls were also given obnoxious nicknames such as ‘New Queen’, ‘The Designated Drunk’ and ‘The Amazing Bisexual’. The boy did not stop and continued to distribute fliers too.

Fortunately, he was captured on a cell phone video where he was addressing a crowd at the student center shouting “Women are the future, unless we stop them now”. CNET has given a comedic statement about this boy saying what future will hold for this student, will he become the titan of tech or atleast a programmer! Hahaha, that sure gave me a laugh.


MORAL: Please respect the female class, they are equal to you. GIVE RESPECT GET RESPECT!

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  • Wow he is much “talented” than Mark! Mark only rate girls by 1 on 1 PK base on their appearance. This dude is gonna be famous.

  • This dude as you say is still a kid, he might not even graduate from HS because of it.

  • nice one mate, we like it

  • Hey, BTW nice picture, you have used. πŸ˜› lol

    • thank you ankit! πŸ™‚

      • Hehehe, any time *for such comments* πŸ˜›

  • Hello,

    Shame on him for such ugly things.. But the social network is great. It depends on how you use it, use it properly. Indeed, the moral is good – Please respect the female class, they are equal to you. A lot of men tend to forget this. Thanks for sharing!

    All my respects,


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