Facebook Privacy Settings Rolling Out


So a week ago Facebook announced that they are releasing privacy tools to its members. Today Facebook has started to roll out the new privacy tools to its members, and released a introduction and some faq to its blog.

In the blog release it outlines some of the features, and how they work. One of the main features that stick out, that has been asked by a majority of Facebook members. Limiting access to people on your friends list.

Here is a list of new features being rolled out

  1. The ability to limit change the visibility of your friends list to other people.
  2. Prevent applications from posting on your wall, and certain people.
  3. Changing the visible of your profile
  4. New privacy options for applications

There are more settings also being released as well. These settings are being released in a roll out update. This means that only a certain percent of members will get these settings one by one. So your friends could have these new settings, and other people won’t. “This is to ensure a smooth release” to their users

Facebook is also still to make a FAQ and information on all of their new settings, in there help centre.

The most amazing part of these new settings is that Facebook has made the new privacy tools based on user feedback, and what has been recommended by third parties. Hopefully these new settings among with previous updates will be able to help the mass majority of its users.

The new question is how many people will take the time out to match the settings to each persons personal privacy requirements. And will their be some type of conflict between its users? And how will these settings help us? Will we be able to hide certain bits of information to certain users? And how successful will this release be?


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