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Facebook pages, be ready to make a move. Switch to twitter brand pages soon!

Not too many days back we discussed on why twitter is better than facebook. The response we generally got was both are for different cause and we cannot really compare these two social networks to each other. Nevertheless, the commentators also stressed on the point the social network that best suits you also depends on what type of business you run. However, most businesses, I reckon would like to go the twitter way as the responses they can gather is quick and in the same time they can reach out big masses with a lot more ease.

London-based Sarah Shearman of Brand Republic reported that twitter is developing a new kind of profile page for business accounts, similar to Facebook Pages.

According to Marketing Magazine,

The pages would work in a similar way to Facebook Pages, providing brands with their own space to deliver content and encourage Twitter users to follow them, claim sources.

Also the report insists that this feature would first be introduced in US; similar to twitter’s promoted trends and promoted users being introduced in the US prior to other countries. A spokesperson of Twitter confirmed that their interest in brands meant it is now looking to set up a UK office. He, however, declined to comment on specific advertising plans.

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  • Bob

    I’ve never heard of twitter fan pages. I thinks they’ll have to offer much more to drive the fans from Facebook.

  • Yes, did you also hear about the new Twitter homepage. It is much similar to that of Facebook. It seems that Twitter is desperate to imitate Facebook’s success.

  • I heard that it is very difficult to earn money on twitter. How are many people making so much money on Twitter? I want to know how people are using Twitter to become rich. I am totally confused.

    • AFAIK, you can make money from Twitter using the following ways:-

      1) Use Sponsored Tweets.
      2) Drive traffic to your affiliate websites
      3) Sell your Twitter account if you have a lot of followers.


  • Wow, so twitter seems to be waging war against Facebook. Lets see what Twitter brings with its Pages feature. None the less it is a win win situation for businesses 😉

  • You know those Facebook Pages where they ask you to click the extra tab and become a fan to see the picture? How do you create the extra tab and make it so you have to become a fan to see the picture?