Facebook CEO,Mark Zuckerberg Donates whooping $100 Milllion

Mark Zuckerberg,the founder and CEO of social networking giant FACEBOOK recently donated whooping 100 million $ to Newark, New jersey school system as an act of charity.

This 26 year old Billionaire has teamed up with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Newark Mayor Corey A. Booker and television personality Oprah Winfrey to launch the Partnership for Education in Newark.Newark is one of the worst school systems with only 40 percent of students able to read and write at grade level.

This is great is’nt it??

But many are skeptical about this because “He is not from New Jersey”!

“The Social Network,” a new film about Facebook’s early days does not paint a completely positive picture of Zuckerberg.So there is a speculation that Mark is trying to improve his personal reputation through his act of charity.There are many observers who are drawing parallels between a young Mark Zuckerberg and a young Bill Gates.Hmmm..whatever it is..

“We love to use FACEBOOK”..:) And How about You?

This is a Guest Article by Adarsh Varma from Bangalore