Facebook App Subscriptions & Local Currency?

Facebook announced on Tuesday on their developer blog  that they will release a subscription service for app developers. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay to use an app on facebook however you may have to pay a subscription fee on applications if  an application maker enables it on there application you may have to pay a fee to access and use the app.

Facebook also stated that they will soon be releasing local currency changes to users. This means instead of purchasing 8 INR worth of Facebook credits for it to be changed to USD currency will not be converted and stay at INR (or whatever your local currency is).

Although these features are to be released sometime in july Facebook has already started testing these services with Zynga and Kixeye. Zynga and Kixeye are two of the most used application owners and developers.

The subscription services is another way for Facebook to earn an income other than from investors,share holders and advertisers. Last year Facebook derived about 83% of its 3.7 billion in revenue from its advertising platform and the rest primarily from Zynga purchasing goods and services from Facebook.

Let us know in the comments below if you would pay to use your favorite app on Facebook and why.

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  • If i have an urgent need for the app, by urgent i mean i can profit or increase sale, I’ll probably go for it. This is a smart move for Facebook but this would mean limited access for cool apps on the users part.

  • It seems as though I am having trouble figuring out how to get rid of chest fat. HAHA! What I mean is that if it’s very important of an App I would. But most of the Application on FB are for free, so I guess there’s no need to.

  • emobile developer

    Hi Shaquille…
    The changes sound like a good news for the companies involved in gaming and selling virtual goods and also for small businesses that are not selling online elsewhere. And i think this could be much better opportunity for monetization of its users. Thanks.

  • Spinx Inc.

    Yeah, it’s a great move for Facebook. Facebook is getting commercial and looks like they are taking social monopolization to a whole new level.