Facebook Subscribe button

Facebook adds Subscribe button. Subscribe to anyone and get updates!


Facebook recently introduced a new Subscribe button on their social network. Just a week ago Facebook had introduced new privacy features and now it is in full swing in making new additions to their interface.

This Subscribe button that Facebook has launched recently behaves very similar to Twitter’s Follow button. At least that’s what folks at CNET have to say.

How it Works:

Facebook Subscribers tab

When you Follow a user on Twitter you will see all his latest tweets in your timeline. Same is the concept with Facebook’s Subscribe button. By subscribing to someone on Facebook you will immediately start seeing his updates in your News Feed. Of course you can also choose if you only want to see his important updates and not all of them.

What’s the perk?

The one unique feature which i found in this button is that you can also Subscribe to the updates of a person who is not your friend. It also works vice versa. If you want you can also share your updates to others by turning on the Allow Subscribers feature on their Subscriptions page. Ain’t it neat?

So tell us if you enjoyed this feature by dropping in a comment. How many people have you subscribed to yet?

Source: Facebook


  • Yes… now you can get updates from a person whom updates you like most no need to accept unwanted feeds 🙂

  • I really like this new feature they added!

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