Evernote Hello for android now out

Evernote Hello for Android is a Must Have App

Evernote recently launched its Android app Evernote Hello which is a contacts app but of the next kind. Evernote Hello was already available for the iPhone user, and now its the Droid turn.

For those of you who are not aware, Evernote Hello is an intuitive way to remember people you meet in and around you everyday. It is a smart way to save contacts and hopefully a neat little database for every person you have ever met in your lifetime. Like there are many acquaintances you had make in a day if you are a businessman, but then remembering each one of em would become more than confusing.

Evernote Hello for iPhone

Evernote Hello is one such app which ties all the information of a person and puts a face on it. Then all you need to do is, enter any detail of that person such as the location you had met him/her or the place you had your coffee with that person and Evernote Hello will pull that contact out for you. Evernote Hello calls these as Encounters.

LinkedIn is the most essential tool for every individual these days, to keep your business contacts close by, and Evernote Hello makes this easy by importing all those contacts to its database. Evernote Hello with the help if its Linkedin integration can attach additional information to an already existing contact filling up all the blanks.

Evernote Hello for android screenshot

Some other unique features about Evernote Hello:

  • Evernote Hello predicts people you are about to meet by searching your Calendars for appointments, call logs and messaging history.
  • Evernote Hello’s Mosaic view shows the faces of all the people you have ever met.
  • All your info is kept private, Evernote Hello doesn’t use any kind of special software for tracking its users. Your data is kept private at all times.
  • Whenever you meet a person, Evernote Hello sends a personalized e-mail to that person containing your info and photo.
  • All the notes you take at a meeting, pictures you snapped at a hangover, will be displayed right under that encounter as Related Notes, making it easy for you to remember anything and everything that happened at that meeting, don’t show it to your wife, hehe 😉

Evernote Hello for Android is completely free and always will be. Install it now at the Google Play Store.

  • For maintaining details of person with date and the reason of the meeting is really very nice feature provided by Evernote Hello. With this feature, specially in the business, we can easily keep remember each and every details of the client from our first meeting.

  • Its really a wonderful App. Its features like save photos of the person we meet by simply their name, maintaining details of person with date and the reason of the meeting, importing phone numbers from the contacts and even email addresses from LinkedIn profile of respective contacts is really very nice.

  • Hey it will very useful for me for maintaining my all business data.

  • I have been using Evernote for quite some time now and its really a great help for me. I agree with you Gautam, is really a must have software, even if before!

  • emobile developer

    Gautam…Thanks for sharing such excellent application. I think it would better to have this application for maintaining contact details. This app has many features to keep person’s information safe and present
    whenever needed. Truly the functionality of this application is impressive
    and can lure anybody’s attention.

  • Spinx Inc.

    Yes indeed !!! I have used this app for almost 3 months and I was very happy using it. It’s really outstanding and offers commendable features and faultless delivery of content across the devices.