Download Leaked Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (beta) [Windows 7 SP1]

windows-7-service-pack-1I just got to know from a friend , that windows 7 SP1 leaked online and you can now download it from various web sites or torrents . Microsoft has already hipped us to what some of the changes will be:- dynamic memory support, upgrades to the Remote Desktop client, the usual bug fixes, etc. But now, if you’re willing to grab a leaked version and install it on your computer, let me remind u something,this is a beta version so u will face some in windows 7 service pack 1(beta)   problems like:-
you will get a water mark  7601.16562.100603-1800 , it might expire after the release of of the full version of windows 7 service pack 1(beta) , well after reading this u want to download it , go search for a torrent to download it

Download Link from Softpedia