Download IE9. Microsoft Releases IE9 platform preview


Microsoft seem to be quite busy these day. After continues criticism for ie6,ie7,ie8 they will be, in a few months gonna come out with IE9. They couldn’t wait till their development team could come up with a proper build so the team decided to showcase the platform preview to the masses,

Well you can download the platform preview from


If you are expecting to start browsing in IE9 . Forget it . Its just a  rudimentary platform preview and  it doesn’t even have navigation :).

What IE9 promises

  • Best html5 rendering
  • hardware accelerated performance
  • Better java engine

The IE9 claims to have the best java processing engine. It is said to use Chakra engine to process the java code.Not only that the team claim to use different core of a processor if your computer has to process the page.Thus making it faster that others.

We all have seen sites which shows what html5 can offer.The question now is which browser is gonna render is faster. IE9 according to IE9 is gonna render the page faster than any other browser.

Well wat can i say ?? I have downloaded the preview and seen it .Its nice but its kinda slow.Well not sure if the release build gonna be any better but will sure wait for it. Will i stop using firefox or chrome ??? Hmmm i don think so . and btw opera has one of the best html 5 rendering capabilities.