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Epic: Indian by birthThe so-called Indian browser Epic has just turned two days old. It runs on the well-known Mozilla platform. It reminds us of Flock, often called the browser for social media addicts. But Epic stands ahead of Flock in various ways. Here are the Pros and Cons of the new browser Epic:

Epic browser window
Epic browser window


  • Customizable: 1000+ skins and also you can choose from over personas
  • Watch NDTV 24X7, NDTV इंडिया and NDTV profit online without any streaming problems
  • Indic typing with the integration of Google transliterate
  • Anti-Virus protection for both your computer and downloads optional
  • Write: Create a word document and save it as a HTML file
  • Snippets: Useful for taking screenshots of webpages – either select certain image or a paragraph and drag-and-drop it to the snippet sidebar or take a complete screenshot of a webpage
  • Cricket news and live scores – Everybody knows India loves cricket and the Epic Browser is no exception
  • Regional News, Events and financial events
  • Daily masti – Jokes, quotes and gyaan of the day
  • Epic video – Watch videos from youtube right on the sidebar
  • My computer – Browse your computer directly from the browser; You can open upto 5 tabs in the Computer sidebar
  • Social networks, E-mail accounts and Twitter in sidebar
  • To-dos: A great alternative to rememberthemilk.com with alerts in
  • Timer: Need not run to your cupboard to pick your stopwatch up with the timer feature in Epic browser
  • Get directions with epic maps – Google maps integration
  • Search for jobs – with indeed.co.in integration
  • Book tickets with yatra and cleartrip integration
  • Games: Time for some entertainment
  • Backup files by logging in to your gmail account and now, initially, each file size is limited to 10 MB mark. It is expected to increase soon
  • Collections: Save similar websites to one collection by clicking the collection icon next to the tabs. To load them, open the collections sidebar and click on the collection’s title
  • Bookmarks: Just the same as in Firefox browser, Self-explanatory;
  • History: Epic is very careful about your privacy, it has a private browsing icon and a clear browsing data icon in the address bar
  • 10,000+ Firefox addons compatible
  • Epic apps: 1500 sidebar applications, but we recommend you to keep the number of applications minimum so that the blazing speed of Epic will be maintained
  • 10,000+ Firefox addons compatible


  • Showing of the sidebar even in pop-up windows is quite disgusting – I click the re-tweet button in a post and even then, the sidebar shows off in the pop-up also.
  • Because it is a fully loaded browser, it takes more time to boot as compared to chrome, Firefox and safari. More the number of sidebar apps and add-ons more is the time taken to start the browser.
  • No Home button in the address bar

Link: Try out Epic browser

It is very clear that the pros over-weigh the cons and it is browser which must be tried by any internet user, especially an Indian internet user. In the epic browser’s website they have stated that PC World has awarded them 4.5 out of 5 stars. According to the chaaps team, they deserve it. Do let us know your views about the all new epic browser.


  • Really nice
    Indian browser 🙂 🙂
    .-= Akshay´s last blog ..iBuyPower LAN Warrior II SFF Gaming PC =-.

    • I don’t see the reason why I should try this browser except for being made by the people from my place :p
      .-= Kamal Hasa´s last blog ..10 Google Search Tricks =-.

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  • vaisakh

    The epic browser is really a great initiative. It’s good to see a browser loaded with so many useful features. One suggestion i have would be to take care that cramming the browser with features would not increase the startup time of the browser, which it is doing right now. Also, the home button should be integrated to where it belongs. What we have now is a ‘clear browsing data’ button in its place. It would be better if it would be relocated for practical purposes.
    Cheers for such an innovative product!!

  • cool! Gona try it!

  • sayed rehan raza

    i lick indian browser and happy

  • Epic is a cool browser, its built in ff.
    .-= Anish K.S @ Technics Today.com´s last blog ..ONIDA launches India’s First Movie TV =-.

  • I checked it out! Epic is nothing but a collection of already available addons for firefox. Install this addon (Chrome List) https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4453/ to see the list of all the addons used by Epic.

    So their claim of being indigenous and built in India lacks substance.

    For example, their multi-language input comes from the addon named “Google Indic”.

    Sad Indian
    – Rohan

  • I want to install epic browser but I cannot found download option……..

  • Tim

    Well, I have been reading review of Epic and this provides a good pro/con list. I will wait for further reviews and user testing before I commit!
    .-= Tim´s last blog ..Best Web Browsers =-.

  • Keshav

    @ Rohan
    Chill dude, Everyone knows the hype is not because it has so many features, but only because it is produced by Indians…
    And as of its booting speed, it is for sure that each and every problem will be solved with the newer versions.
    As of now, What we can do is give the developer guys some feedback on the browser and hopefully we can expect something good from them…wasay??(at least try it!)

  • Rushikesh A Shewale

    First, I am very happy to hear about an Indian Browser. Its proud feeling for me. second thing I like most, the features provided by epic you will not found in any of the other browser you need to download add on every time. Here epic has done a great modification by providing them on the spot for easy access. I wish epic will soon take place as a no.1 browser. Best of luck to epic (Indian) team.

  • John

    @ Rohan

    dude, appreciate the work.. u tried epic ? the menus and many things resemble firefox, but can u say honestly that its just a browser loaded only with add on ? I will say,may be they tried to imitate the chromium OS project. The browser has many features of chromium OS. They did a good job.. Its sad that you’re a sad indian… be happy and be proud.. 🙂

  • Ojasvi Goyal
    • Neelagandan. J

      Thanks to give the link… am searched many pages.., but i didnt find the download link… i saw your link, and i got the download link… thanks a lot. thank you so much… now am Enjoying with EPIC BROWSER. BE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.. WE(INDIAN’S) WILL RULE THE WORLD….

  • Your blog post has been covered on Epic Browser Fan Page 🙂

    .-= Rakesh Waghela´s last blog ..First Apple iPad Launch Video =-.

  • sohani

    ace i found is fast one would like to wait and watch

    • shashi prakash ratre

      Hi.its is a wonderful browser is has a good speed ,thank once again


    I am really much pleased to know one new browser EPIC is constructed only for Indians use. I ant to congrajulate M.Keith for this task. I also want to be a customer to this browser. Thank you.

  • sadan

    i want to install epic browser

  • ankit

    i want epic browser and download video.

  • its very nise

  • i want to downlode epic browser

  • The pros are interesting, but sadly I couldn’t use it in my Linux (Mephis 8.5) PC. Seems the browser is Windows only & some of its special features may not run in Wine.
    .-= Viggie´s last blog ..Helping websites to work =-.

  • akanksha prakash

    wanna download epic browser

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  • Aravind


  • ragul

    good attemt….try some thing new………….

  • beware indaia……!

  • kaustubh

    hiiiiiiiii its is a wonderful browser is has a good speed, thank once again

  • dhanunjai

    iam very wondered when i heard about indian browser EPIC. Its really good & proud.

  • sujith

    how can i dwnld epic

  • this a nice browser

  • पवन शर्मा

    मैं यह कमेन्ट एपिक ब्रौसेर से लिख रहा हूँ , यह बहुत ही पोवेरफुल्ल है , आप इतनी फसिलिटी और किसिस भी ब्रोव्सेर में नहीं पाएंगे . मैं इसके देवेलोपेर्स को धन्यवाद् देना चाहता हूँ जिन्होंने इसे बनाया. This will become a leading browser in few months.

  • vishal mandge

    i lick indian browser and happy

  • s.suresh

    i like this indian browser


  • Nageshwar Doke

    I am really proud to use this browser . Because this browser shows our cultural and tourism places. Our Indian can do every thing in Soft ware field. Like Rupee Font



  • sandeep

    its really good yar………..
    thnks for this!!!!!!!!!



  • Why does my mozilla browser load very slow when opening gmail? it’s been happening since gmail adds Gmail LABS. I’ve tried to change to older version but this doesn’t help. Is there something wrong with my browser (no longer compatible) or it’s the Gmail new system?Thanks

  • Well I was happy to see this Epic Browser, Now i ve intalled it on mY PC and its just A Firefox Built, With some other firefox add ons.

    Well i suggest india to make you own one like chrome or any others not just built.

    • Well, But i am happy with its speed and some Cool Quick Buttons, Like in Sidebar, and u can clear your all previous private data just with one click and Many More,
      So you ve to check it out, I found this Faster Than Firefox, Its Amazing 🙂

      Thanks 🙂

  • akashsuresh


  • saidh


  • Bibhuti B. Pradhan Keonjhar

    I like it.

  • araiyegbemi adekunle.

    how can i use epic browser on my laptop in Nigeria

  • how to download epic browser pls mail meeeeee

  • how to download epic browser pls mail meeeeee

  • vivek

    how to customise epic to load new tabs in speed dial

  • Thanks for providing useful information on epic browser.

  • I will defnitely download this Indian browser Epic. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Mohammedajmalh


  • sulabhjaiswal

    Thanks for providing useful information on epic browser.