Domain Prices Set To Soar! .COM and .NET Domains Price to go High!


Over the past few days i have heard numerous rumors about Domain prices are going to go up as of the 1st of july. After seeing this around on forums and websites i decided to contact my Domain Registers billing team to see if the rumours are true. They replied with

“Yes, it is true that the .COM and .NET registry will impose a price increase on July 1st.
We believe most registration companies will similarly increase their pricing for .COM and .NET. We are pleased to inform you that we will not be increasing the prices for domain name registration and renewals for the time being”

Though my domain registrar is not increasing there domain prices they are however increase domain transfer fees for .COM and .NET domains from “$7.99 to $8.88”.. They said further into the email that “The price will remain at $9.88 for .COM and .NET registrations and renewal for at least another 3 months”.

So is your domain registrar affected in this global price increase for .COM and .NET? Maybe its time to renew your .COM and .NET domains before prices are set to soar on the 1st of july!

Domain registers are being said to be emailing there clients (you, if you have purchased a domain name) about the price increase. Please let us know in the comments if your domain host was nice enough to email you or make a announcement about the price increase!


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