Diwali Dhamaka from Apple: iPhone 4 to Hit Indian Market in October


What is special about Diwali this year? Crackers? Sweets? Wake up guys! Its the iPhone 4 which is all set to a grand welcome in India. Bharti’s Airtel made an official announcement that it would launch the iPhone in India by the September-October. This is great news for tech geeks in India who are waiting for a chance to lay their hands upon the latest apple product. The news of the launch was confirmed by Bharti Airtel’s COO Sanjay Kapoor.

The predecessor of iPhone 4 i.e iPhone 3GS was launched in late March this year by Airtel as well as Vodafone. With Airtel already having made an official announcement, arch rivals Vodafone are expected to take a plunge too and reveal their launch plans. However, pricing is likely to be an issue of major concern as far as the Indian subcontinent is concerned as customers are likely to stay away from heavy prices.

So, Diwali sure will bring good news to all you geeks out there!