Sad guy with laptop

Did you know: Laptops Damage Male Fertility [Study]

A recent study has shown that laptops when placed on your lap overheats the scrotum causing damage the male futurity system. The study was taken on 29 healthy men who had a laptop on the lap when there legs where peached together. The study showed that the temperature of the male scrotum increased by 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sad guy with laptop
Sad guy with laptop

However semen was not tested for any irregular changes because of the heat. However previous studies have shown if your scrotum is over heated by a certain point damage is taken on by the production of sperm.

The production of sperm can easy be interrupted by having bad health, not eating the food properly, doing much exercise and more. Today we have various types of technology that affect the production of sperm in the male fertility system. But avoiding things that are bad for your health are seen to help assist with the correct production of sperm.

I hope your laptop is at least a feet away from your lap now.

A Message from the Chaaps team

To Scientists: Find a cure for the 29 healthy men whose fertility is vulnerable who were just used for a study

To Technicians and Engineers: Find precautionary modification in the laptops such that the heat is not passed on to the scrotum of men.

To the Common man: Beware!

Do let us know your perspective about this – What does this mean to you?

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