Couple Kissing with Help of Rose! New Paas Aao Na Close Up Ad.Download


Back to Television Advertisements! We in Chaaps, are always excited to write Reviews on TV Ads, especially which are made with special care. Some TV commercials does such an Impact on Consumers that they love the ads and appreciate it deep from their heart. Out of all TV Advertisements which we have reviewed The Biggest Response which we continuously get is on The New Close Up Ad. Paas Aao Na. The Revolving Door which has attracted over 167+ Comments! Most of the People demand for the Ring Tones and Song Downloads of their Favorite exciting New ad. Close Up has always done a brilliant Job especially with “Paas Aao Na” Series Ads… Good News for all You Close up Paas Aao Na Fans out there! The Third and latest version of Paas Aao na is released and here Goes the details!

Let me title this New Close up ad as “Paas aao na, Couple Kissing with the help of Rose” which has Used “Couple”, “Rose”, and “Kiss” as key factors. The All famous “Close up’s Fresh Breath” can tempt you to Kiss your Loved one’s is the theme behind this new version of Paas Aao Na Commercial. How Would You do That? The ad Teaches you the Secret… The Secret is here in this Video. Watch this Brand New TV ad

Wow! Stop Replaying the Video Now! All you learnt is You got to have a Red Rose to do that! Talking about the Video here, in the First Frame, at a Shooting Spot, Young Charming Girl and a Cute Handsome boy will be acting for a scene where they have to come closer and talk( don’t know whether the theme is Kissing) With the help of Close Up’s Fresh Air, they are almost ready to give a lovely kiss! Finally They manages to find a way, Excited actress picks up a Red rose and places in between them such that we cannot see their ALL IMPORTANT “Close up” kiss! Wooha! What a Trick!

On The Other Hand, in the Second Frame, One More Couple… Who enters the Elevator together… huhuhuhu… don’t think beyond that.. As Usual, even here the Close up Fresh Air drives them mad and both try to have a “Kiss”ing time! What stops them Now??? Yup! it is The “hidden Camera” aka “CCTV” which is installed inside the lift. The couple couldn’t resist and finds a way, The Hero Picks up the Rose from her and the heroine breathes a fresh air on it! Blossom Blossom! the Rose Expands Bigger and they successfully hide themselves from the eyes of Camera! What Next?? Do I need to Say?? πŸ˜›

Okay, Impressed by This Close Up ad ?? Now It is the Download Time!

Download New Version Close Up “Paas aao na” Couple kiss ad. Video Download MP4 format

Download the Song “Paas aao Na” Couple Kissing [New Close Up ad] with the Help of Rose as a RingTone (.MP3 Format)

Hope You Enjoyed Reading this Review. There is One More Video in this Series… Soon I will be Uploading and Reviewing!

Mean While You Guys Give Honest Comments on this TV Ad by Close up!

What is the name of the girl in new paas aao na close up ad?
What is the name of the boy in new paas aao na close up ad? if you have Questions like that, I need Sometime to answer! πŸ˜›


  • Haven’t seen teh nnew add but I think that this one is one of the best.
    .-= paul | entertainment tonight´s last blog ..Eslove Briones forced evicted on Pinoy Big Brother House for bad behavior =-.

  • Vissu

    Chethan you really rock man… thanks for the new ad..

  • Lava

    guys this is a paste ad, what is happening with you people? this product is used by kids also. the time where you say paste fights against germs is over or what, now may you are the germs in the society.

  • NIL


  • Avi

    Whats the name of that cute girl who’s worn cap?

  • dharani reddy

    sir,send me ring tones for downloading.please

  • Sumeet

    Please could you mail me the link where I could this TV ad completely.
    Means I wanna say that the ad which contains all that kiss scenes with help of roses.
    Hope you would reply.
    Thanks in advance

  • Mahith

    Can u forward the all close up vedios for me.
    i real the close up music
    and ur articals on it really superb,

    Thanku Boss

  • I like this AD

  • Muzammil

    Hey frnd i want new close ad song mp3 i really luv it plz sent that link for me da

  • Nice I love the background music!