CoolTemplate: Create a great new web template within minutes


I have always been on a mission to create my own templates, right from simple HTML templates to the difficult counterpart – wordpress templates. If even you are like me, I’d like to tell you about CoolTemplate. CoolTemplate allows you to create a template of your own with no HTML, CSS or PHP knowledge.

Create your own template with CoolTemplate
Create your own template with CoolTemplate

Why use CoolTemplate?

CoolTemplate allows you to create and download:

  1. HTML templates
  2. WordPress templates
  3. Joomla templates
  4. Microsoft framework

What makes CoolTemplate special?

According to CoolTemplate:

  • Cool Template is an online web template designer
  • Create fancy page borders with alpha transparencies
  • Use cool drop shadows, glow effects and gradients
  • Choose from over 60 color schemes or create your own
  • Upload your own custom page backgrounds, textures or logo
  • Pick from one, two or three column layouts
  • Customize header, menus, buttons and widget blocks
  • Export to WordPress, Joomla, Master Pages or plain HTML templates
  • Or define a custom export to support any web software
  • Design quickly with our fast and responsive AJAX technology
  • No potentially dangerous and troublesome software to download and install
  • Even if you get a new computer or your hard drive crashes your designs will be safely stored on our servers

When you have a lump of love and bunch of fun in your pocket, Who’ll like to wait? So Go and give CoolTemplate a try straight away.

Link: CoolTemplate

Let us know your thoughts about CoolTemplate in the comments and also do let us know if you are aware of an alternative to CoolTemplate.