Colleges giving up with IT in India

DO you have plans of joining IT colleges?

Think twice before you join as many colleges want to  give up on IT.

Years ago engineering college authorities across the country were in serious competition to increase their IT departments and invested a lot to improve their college campus and teaching staffs  in order to attract students towards their college. Students were also not less. There were huge crowd of students rushing to grab their seats in engineering colleges.

Companies were with open doors for placing students from these IT colleges making the new millenium the golden age for IT professionals.

Do u think these COLLEGES, STUDENTS and IT COMPANIES are the same now?

Around 1000 IT colleges are ready to close their IT departments. Applications from many IT colleges have been sent to AICTE seeking to close their IT departments else to convert the seats alloted for this to other branches like mechanical or civil.

Why do you think these colleges have come to this decision?

Its all because of unfilled seats in IT branches and low placement of IT graduates at all time.Do all these problems come to an end by closing these IT colleges?  Not at all . Many more problems arise with respect to this. What would happen to those hundreds of  teaching staffs and the infrastructure set up for this IT students stream?

Taken back by the large number of requests  the AICTE turned down all the colleges asking them to get an NOC from the repective state government to close their IT departments. But only around six colleges got the NOC from their university and state government.

Professionals and education institutions should go together with the requirements of the IT industries. Colleges should not be started or closed according to their prediction about the future. Who knows , in future colleges could line up seeking to start again the IT departments.

What will happen to those students who have already enrolled into IT departments  of these colleges remains as a question mark! Your Comments are Appreciated!