Cloud Computing helps in creating Greener Planet

Hardware, servers and datacentres in a huge number means nothing else but tonnes of carbondioxide emissions. Cloud computing is the only prevention for this problem.

It is proved that clould computing  usese 90% less energy than required for on-permise applications. The awareness about cloud computing and the desire to adopt it is seen to be rising fast in India. 76% of companies in India ant to adopt cloud computing in the next 2 years. This percentage is the highest among all the countries in the Asia Pacific region.

At Dreamforce 2010, the annual Cloud Computing event of held earlier this month, speakers and customers shared insights into how cloud computing can be more energy efficient. Ceo MareBenioff said, “We have 87,200 customers and all  of their databases are moving into the cloud. This also means that the CO2 emissions per transaction are coming down. On conventional application, its 1.35 grams on Data centers are the biggest consumers of energy. Our research proves that cloud computing consumes 90% less energy”.

For these 87,200 customers around 1,74,000 servers would be required if  they use on-premise application. But in Cloud Computing , they just used 1,500 Dell Servers and backups. The ratio comes upto 5:1. Thus the efficiency of Cloud Computing is very high. It could reduce the IT hardware costs to a great extent.

There is also a negative side of this cloud computing. Digital waste has been growing exponentially as storage of huge data like emails, pictures, audio and video files have shifted online. Nobody gives a thought about the digital waste we produce. Security is not htat high as the other applications, the ability to integrate with the existing systems is less.

Cloud computing reduces hardware infrastructure costs and it is scalability on demands to meet business needs, cloud computing also simplifies resource or server provisioning, application is easy to use, reduces IT staffing and reduces administration costs.

There are almost 1300 customers for Cloud Computing in India.


  • Vidya, this is great news. I love hearing of any change that is good for the environment. I had not put much thought into why cloud computing would be green, but it makes sense. Thank you for the heads up.
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  • This is a very good news. Vidya, you get us to come across a very nice and informative article. These days it is very important that we find the ways that are good for environment.
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