Chromium OS Simplified


Chromium OS

Chromium OS is the open source development version of Google’s Chrome OS. Chrome OS’s source code was released on November 19, 2009 under the BSD license as Chromium OS.

Most people fail to understand about the Chromium OS. Here are a few things which you should know about the Chromium OS.

What is Chromium OS ?
Chromium OS is a lightweight, lightning-fast operating system for your netbook, laptop or even desktop. With the familiar environment of Chromium/Chrome, the entire web is at your fingertips in seconds. HTML5 & Flash are fully supported, allowing you to enjoy the very best that the web has to offer.

What’s the difference between Chromium OS and Google Chrome OS ?
Google Chrome OS is built on the Chromium open source project. You should call this OS as Chromium OS.

What makes Chromium OS so unique ?
The Chromium OS simplifies your task. Here is the comparison of the Chrome OS vs normal boot to start a web browser:
Chrome OS

Will Chrome OS be able to run my PC games ?
Basically you are mistaken. The Chromium OS is meant only for web browsing. This is to simplify the task of using the internet. Nowadays most people, especially businessmen, don’t care about offline files. They just need to access their mail and online documents. For this purpose, the Chromium OS was built. This will store nothing on your Hard Drive except your OS files.

Why should I be bothered about opening a browser quickly ?
Its just this, nowadays, the most commonly clicked icon on the desktop is the web browser. This OS will allow you to open your web browser directly.

Does that mean I cannot store files on my notebook ?
No, you cannot. But the Chromium OS has cloud storage. This means that all your files are stored on the net. The files are transferred quickly and can be used from any place in the world.

How much will the OS cost ?
The Operating System costs absolutely nothing ! Its free. But you do need to buy a netbook which is compatible with the Chrome OS.

Can I get the source code for this ?
Its ready in the Chromium site. Go there for further details for developers.

Do I need an internet connection for running Chrome OS ?
YES. The internet is a must for logging in itself. Chrome OS uses your google account to log in to the OS.

Features of Chromium OS:

  1. Faster Boot
  2. Faster Chrome Browser
  3. Uses your Google account to log in
  4. Everything is online
  5. HTML 5
  6. Linux Kernal
  7. Cloud Storage

How do I get the Chromium OS ?
To legally get the Chromium OS, you have to wait for Google to launch Chromium Netbooks with optimized hardware. This means you cannot download and run the Chromium OS on your desktop or laptop.

But here is the good news:

Chromium OS, the open source build of Google’s upcoming web-focused Operating System, was made into a thumb-drive-friendly build early on by a helpful hacker named Hexxeh.

Hexxeh has before released his Chromium OS ZERO Build which became quite famous. Now, he has released his latest build the FLOW.

Flow is the latest in the line of Hexxeh’s hugely popular ChromiumOS builds. Flow is the most exciting version yet, bringing even more hardware support, an auto-updater, webcam support and an improved application menu & directory. All this, requires only a 2GB USB drive (download size is 327MB)

You can get the latest build of the unofficial Chromium OS on Hexxeh’s site.

Try it out and tell us what you think about the Chromium OS….


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  • Guess wat i recently read an article that says if the net book which is running chromium os has disk . the os will store the data in it and give flexibility to the user to sync in with his data center :).

    The other most disappointment that these net books don have integrated sim dockers!!!

    But apparently hcl me has it.. if a net book arrives with seamless access to any network which provides internet then i guess we have reached the nirvana
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