Chrome 6 comes with native PDF


Chrome always has been one of my favorite browsers since the time it was launched. It came with unique feature like the Uni-bar,faster rendering engine, an excellent tabbed browsing and phew !!!!!,so many to mention i guess one can write a whole doctrine about chrome.


Just when i thought that chrome updates are slowing down and the nightly builds are almost becoming fortnightly , chrome come up with a update that can open PDF files like it were HTML. The Chrome 6 accomplishes the following

PDF files will render as seamlessly as HTML web pages, and basic interactions will be no different than the same interactions with web pages (for example, zooming and searching will work as users expect). PDF rendering quality is still a work in progress, and we will improve it substantially before releasing it to the beta and stable channels.

To further protect users, PDF functionality will be contained within the security “sandbox” Chrome uses for web page rendering.

Users will automatically receive the latest version of Chrome’s PDF support; they won’t have to worry about manually updating any plug-ins or programs.

Chrome is evolving and setting benchmarks when it come to rendering contents from web. First the integrated flash and now the Pdf. Though they say this will be the basic version and coming updates will have better functionality . Things to note is the updates for this Pdf will be automatically be pushed which means no searching for it .

To get a taste of things click here


  • finally people will be free from slow load time of pdf files …………

  • That’s a really a good news. Am so lazy to download the PDF and read it.. using browser is the quick way.. and I love it! 🙂