Check what Google Stole from You!


We Rely On Google So Much that we forget Google as a Company..We Rather Treat Google as God and Place Our Demands to It and Look for Immediate answers from Google God! We all Netizens infact have addicted to Google. Everywhere Google, Google and Google.

I want to Watch a Movie This Weekend… Google it, and you get all Film lists in Your Nearest Theater..

If You are Lazy enough to Move out of the Home… Google gives Links for Film Reviews.. just a Keyword away.

Shopping? Google Checkout!

News? Google News!

Want to Read Some Books? Google Book Search…

We almost Treat Google as a God! We always Know that Google has Answers for Whatever Question You Ask.. We start Typing Millions of Questions[HOW-TOs] How to become Thin? How to become Fat? How to download videos from Youtube? How to get Money!? How to download songs for free!? wow So Many Many HOW TOs!

When we have relied on Google so Much that we donot even hesitate to Google some sensitive Information like bank account details…Don’t You Think Google is Stealing Something from Us? Yes..Definitely Yes. Google is Stealing Our PRIVACY.. The all Important PRIVACY!

I accidentally Came across a Link called Google Ad Preferences… I came to Know That Google Stores Information about Us.. Like what we Browse on internet to Show Relevant ads Based on it… Google Calls it as Interest Based Ads and it even Dumps a Cookie in our Machine! The Cookie secretly stores what all Things we are Interested in(what websites we visit often) etc..

I was Just Curious to Know, what information did Google Steal from Me!
and visited to See This Astonishing List!

Oh My God! I was Shocked.. The List showed it perfectly.. It has stored everything which I m Interested with! Computers, Internet, Blogging !!

Google Explains This Job of Stealing Your Information in A Very Decent Way [Very Professional Way!] in This Video..

By default, Google’s Interest Based Service is active for Every Google User.. Infact you are Not Interested in Interest Based Ads, You Could Opt Out of This Service [by This Time You realize, Your all Information is already Stolen 🙂 ]

You Could Opt Out of This Service By Visiting This Link and Clicking on Opt Out

Have a Look at My Google Cookie which I very Recently Discovered..


This Remembers Me Of a Funny Video Which I watched This Morning on Google Toilet in Harsh‘s Blog! Have a Look at This Funny Video on google Toilet! Its The Time to Wrap Up This Article.. If You are Interested in looking at What Google Has Stole From You Check This


  • Yes its true. In fact thats how Google ads works using the dart cookie stuff. It check what type of websites and topic you browse more and then provide ads related to your liking when you visits sites having Google ads.

    That is why all adsense users must have a privacy policy stating this part clearly.

    Google = God… Well man… I don’t think it’s a coincidence they start they brand name with GOoogle lol.
    .-= Kurt Avish´s last blog ..Mayan Apocalypse Island Location Found by Jim Turner =-.

    • Hey Avish, First of all welcome to Chaaps!
      By The way You Mentioned about “dart cookie” .. Good…
      well, even for context based ads… Is Dart cookie Necessary??

      and You Made a Point… to Include about dart cookie info in website’ privacy Policy.. Thanks and Visit Again

  • I usually don’t want to opt-out from this. I rarely clicking on ads. I want to see the ads which should be related to my interest. So that i am allowing this cookie.

  • I always clear my cache., so there is no problem regarding this.Why doesn’t google only determine the ad based on the website content rather than user cookies, I think it never striked to them that it will cause overload. And regarding “How to lose weight”, there are lot such funny searched ” How to get pregnant”, “how to tie a tie”, “How to cook a turkey” 😀
    .-= Ramkumar´s last blog ..Play old DOS games in Windows and Linux =-.

  • Cool find mate.
    .-= Anish K.S´s last blog ..Vaccinate your USB Using Panda USB Vaccine =-.

  • Nice post! Well lets give microsoft a chance to rob us. Lets all take pledge to use Bing, Hotmail, Live services and other microsoft products. 😀
    .-= sukhjit´s last blog ..How to use ( Google url shortner service) =-.

  • Sukhjit,
    Lols..are u Microsoft employee?
    Welcome to Chaaps dot com!

  • I wish I was. I have heard that they give a huge paycheck. 😀

    .-= Sukhjit´s last blog ..How to use ( Google url shortner service) =-.

  • You said it right google is indeed a corporate giant and everyone should keep this in mind.
    .-= Sushant @ techooze´s last blog ..40+ Beautiful New Year 2010 Wallpapers =-.

  • i really don’t know about this.. It will have some serious and useful affects and i m still not sure that it is really gonna help us..
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..WordPress 2.9.1 Released – Download & Update Now To Fix 17 Bugs =-.

  • actaully google saves every search you make but after sometime it keeps deleting it. and google doesn’t share with anyone. so don worry. chill dude
    .-= himanshu´s last blog ..Free Rapidshare Premium Account =-.

  • Google = God You are certainly true. Well, In a few days you will be carrying a Google Mobile in your hand. Bye Bye Nokia, Apple, HTC, Samsung..So now Google wants to dominate every niche. Just like the video soon we will be seeing Google Toilet Pan. 🙂
    .-= Shiva@Web Magazine´s last blog ..Google’s Very Own “Nexus One” Released =-.

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