Chaaps wishes all its Readers a Happy Independence Day… Yes, Independence day!

January 26, 2011

Did you know? Before the Indian Constitution was formed, 26th January was celebrated as Independence day.

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“No, this is not an out-of-niche posts, as it seems to a minority.” This is a tech-related article too. Read on…

Happy Independence day, Or should I call it Republic day?

Happy Independence day, Or should I call it Republic day?

Fight for Independence, now in the Internet

Ahh yes, you read that right! Let’s fight for Independence in the Internet – Here’s a notice to the Twitter team requesting to make effective measures against the Spam Bots. Though I have been experiencing problems by Twitter bots since many days it has seriously got more intensified in a couple of weeks.

We Humbly request the twitter team to, for your users sake, Act seriously – Remove your Bots and We’ll love you more.

What’s the tech related worry/happiness in your mind, this Republic day? (Oops, I better call it as Independence day 😉 )

  • Yeah you right about Twitter, they do need to take care of their bot situation, though I must say It’s gotten better!


  • Though I am not from India, I know that 26th January is celebrated as Republic Day in India. Why are you saying that it is an Independence day? India’s independence day is 15th August. Your efforts are good but I think you should know more about it.

  • I did not know that the 26th of January is Republic Day, enjoyed reading about it.

    – Robert

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