donates $10 to the Poor and Needy #Donate10cents is a Technology Website where we write on Social Media and Technology Updates. When I Started The website, I had made promise myself IF I GET MONEY LET ME DONATE SOME PART OF IT TO THE POOR..

I think The Time has arrived for this… has made a little money from ads which we display along the content which you read… I am sharing a Part of Revenue for the Poor and disabled..

I was searching for some Genuine Cause where there is a Necessity of Money for the Poor and Disabled People.. I found as Genuine Website where They serve for People who are not able to get sufficient food for their survival and I believe They will Reach the Money to the Needful.

How You could be a part of this Donation?
Spread The Word by Retweeting this Article. I will be adding Extra 10 cents to the total amount for Every Retweet you do… will Finalyse The Total Amount along with No of Retweets ie ($10 + $0.10*no of retweets) and we will Donate it in weeks Time…

The More You Retweet and Spread. The More we could Donate.
Use This Link to Retweet

I will be Updating The Screenshot of Payment Receipt, Once I donate the Net Amount (including RT amount) to the needful. Visit here again.. Thanks for being the credentials.

Here is The Payment Receipt…
We Got 10 Retweets, as we said Earlier, 10 cents are donated for every Retweet you made.. that is 10*0.10=1$

Total amount=11$

I thought I will Donate the Net amount of 11$ to
Haiti is very badly affected by Earthquake, and i thought donating $11 for could Help the Needful.

Here is The Screenshot of $11 Payment Receipt to

Let Me Know, if There is any other social cause where could Help.