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WordPress 3.3 Hands-on! A peek inside this awesome release.

by AnonymousDecember 14, 2011
WordPress 3.3 new release public

Wordpress 3.3 released just this morning bringing new modules and ease of use features in the most popular CMS platform. This WordPress 3.3 release is codenamed “SONNY” and bri order lasix online ngs extensive featureset with it and you will also experience the addition of a totally new concept, the Pointers. So lets begin the […]

WordPress Tooltip – Pop a cute tip for your readers!

by AnonymousJune 13, 2011

Bloggers are under a lot of pressure these days. There being a lot of competition around, every blogger thinks to try out something different in his blog every now and then to increase his readers and maintain his Google PR. Some of us can’t handle pressure and just exhaust out of options and then the […]

Google +1 button for AddThis! Change size and personalize

by AnonymousJune 4, 2011

I know, i know, what you all must be thinking! Since Google launched their +1 button everybody’s writing about it! BORING! Next thing you do is close this tab. Well to your surprise this article is not about integrating Google +1 button in your site but is rather inclined for those people who are experiencing […]

How to fully restore your WordPress Blog

by AnonymousApril 24, 2011
Backup Guide

You are reading this article because: At this point, i think you have already screwed up your blog somehow and crying in help what to do next OR Congratulations you are much more cleverer than you think you are! Ok, so now that you are here let me tell you how to create a foolproof […]

AddThis 2.0 for WordPress released!

by AnonymousMarch 27, 2011

All the successful bloggers are sure to use AddThis as its the best plugin for sharing content. Most of the AddThis users already know that but for some of you here is a short explanation for why addthis is better than other sharing plugins. CODE FLEXIBILITY First of all, addthis is completely modifiable. The script […]

WordPress 3.1 is here.

by AnonymousFebruary 24, 2011

Good news for all the bloggers…Wordpress has just released its new version 3.1 today. It’s code is named ‘Reinhardt’. Now lets quickly give a glance about the cool new features integrated in this version. 1. INTERNAL LINKING: Everybody’s talking about this new feature. lets see what it does. With this new functionality WordPress makes it […]

4 Neglected but Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs

by SiddarthaNovember 14, 2010

Blogging has evolved as one of the most peculiar way for many individuals to get Fame, Money, Time Pass and most of all it became an addiction for many people. According to recent analysis, over 5% of Students in the world were getting into blogging for various reasons. Even we can notice the same thing […]

How to Keep your readers focused on your Blog post?

by MurugappanOctober 31, 2010
Images speak a thousand words, But not always

Previously I had made a mention about How to build Relationships with your readers and how important are they to your blog. However impressed they are, with your blog, there are many chances of being deviated from your Post. Here is one small tip to keep ¬†your readers focused on your blog post. Images speak […]

[HOW TO] Setup BuddyPress on WordPress 3.0.1!

by Ankit PuriAugust 1, 2010
installing BuddyPress

It’s been a long time from I have been away from Internet, even didn’t do anything on my own blogs. I am kinda person who always likes to keep playing with something or the other. If you’re one of Extreme Trix reader, you would know my nature.. Every month I do some changes and every […]

5 Ways to Manage and Organize Your WordPress Blog

by MTJuly 6, 2010

When you have invested your hard earned money in a blog, it will be your first priority to get the maximum benefits from your blog. The first and important thing is to organize and manage your blog in such way that your blog gives you what you want from it i.e. benefits in terms of […]