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VH1 App now available on Windows Phone [India]

by Chethan ThimmappaJuly 23, 2014

Apparently there are two different versions of VH1 App on Windows Phone. The one which recently covered by WPcentral and the other one which I noticed today on my Windows Phone’s featured app list whose logo looks something like this Interestingly both apps are official ones. I am assuming Non US users would be familiar with […]

Here is the preview of New Animated Lockscreen for Windows Phone 8.1

by Chethan ThimmappaJuly 22, 2014

  Thanks to David Lorenzin who has uploaded new lockscreen preview video on youtube. The video shows how the upcoming lockscreens look like on windows phone 8.1 . The video showcases 3 different lockscreen themes Classic Clock plus Stripe Everything looks pretty interesting. 3 years back, say in December 2011, we had covered about free […]

Update Status to all Social Networks at once on Windows Phone 8.1 (Cyan)

by Chethan ThimmappaJuly 21, 2014

The new windows phone 8.1 comes with over 100 plus features compared to Windows Phone 8. Some of the notable features are Action Center, Transparent tiles, Cortana and improved social integration.  However people who are used to Windows Phone 8 might be finding little hard to update their social network status’ on 8.1. Primary reason […]

Dell Latitude 10: What is it?

by Chethan ThimmappaMarch 24, 2013

Dell latitude 10 is a recently released multi-touch 25.4 cm tablet which runs on Windows 8.  Dell claims this tablet as a “Business” device as it has Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and support for computrace.   The long lasting battery (9:03 / 16:01) puts it apart from its competitor tablets. The Bright IPS Display is […]

Microsoft Surface Tablets: 6 Reasons it will make your iPad look Ancient

by Gautam DoddamaniJune 19, 2012
Microsoft surface tablets - A Closer Look

Microsoft Surface Tablets are probably the latest buzz on the Internet. People have already decided to part ways with Apple, after seing the specs of the new Windows 8 powered tablet devices by Microsoft. Long before there was the Apple iPad and now there is the Microsoft Surface Tablet. Microsoft is taking its tablet industry […]

Avast 7.0 Internet Security AntiVirus Brings New User Interface for Users

by Gautam DoddamaniMarch 13, 2012
avast 7 internet security reviewed!

avast 7.0 antivirus has recently been released. Apart from giving a whole new look to the team has also uplifted its product’s interface from modern to eye-catchy. Let me give you a walkthrough of what major ch Generic cialis without prescription anges you will see in this latest version of Avast i.e. the 7.0. […]

4 Best Free Lockscreen apps for your Windows Phones

by Gautam DoddamaniDecember 29, 2011
lockscreen apps for windows phones

Here are the 4 best free lockscreen apps for your Nokia Lumia smartphone. Nokia Lumia is just out and you must be pretty excited owning this envious and slick gadget. Watch out there are a lot of bad people out there who will do anything to get their hands on it. Hehe Just kidding, but […]

Microsoft’s Meet the Don2: Mission Berlin Contest

by Chethan ThimmappaDecember 7, 2011

One good reason to buy Windows PC, Windows Phone , XBOX or any of your favorite Microsoft product- Microsoft India has announced a contest named “Meet the Don2: Mission Berlin”, A once-in-a lifetime opportunity for you to take a free trip to the beautiful, historic city of Berlin and also to meet SRK. To enter […]

Have you seen "the biggest Windows Phone ever"?

by Gautam DoddamaniNovember 10, 2011
Microsoft reveals the biggest windows phone ever

Microsoft has just launched its new set of Windows Phones and to promote these classy smartphones, the company has unveiled us by building “the Biggest Windows Phone ever” in the New York City. Yes Microsoft has recently released a new line of Windows phones namely Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash, HTC Titan and HTC […]

Avira Antivirus 12 Free and Premium Internet Security has been released!

by Gautam DoddamaniOctober 5, 2011
Avira Antivirus 2012 has been officially released!

Avira Antivirus for 2012 has been released today. Avira GmbH which is a major software company known for providing the best antivirus products for the users has unveiled its yet another version of its popular antivirus software AntiVir 12. One of the editors at the CNET, Seth Rosenblatt just revealed it today in the official […]