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Gmail gets an ERROR!


Last time when did you see Google Mail down or an error in it? Don’t remember nah? Even I don’t! Gmail was in beta mode for quite a long time and even longer than it’s parent company Google. Gmail never gave any error in beta too, Google always tried to keep the users happy unlike the Yahoo! Mail who discontinued many their services and later on even filled the Mail pages with silly Adverts, which was also a point for them to lose users and force them to move on.

Well, coming to point.. Last night I came across an error in G Mail, which may irritate the users and force them to move on as the Yahoo! Did by filling silly adverts. First I thought that there’s some problem in Google, but it wasn’t though the problem is in their server only.


Gmail Error
Gmail Error

What is the problem?

I didn’t understand the main problem behind it, perhaps the error is coming because when we log out of our Account it gets redirect to Google accounts ( from Google Mail (, or is not getting redirected properly. I tried what’s my Firefox is saying, but believe me it won’t work.


STOP using Gmail till Google fixes it. 😛


Twitter Continues to Duplicate Tweets and Creates a New Record!


After the Strange Internal Server Error, Twitter continues in the same state More Than 40 minutes…

Duplicates of Tweets are Building Extra load to Twitter Servers and is making the condition still worser…. Twitter is now going Crazy with Echo Tweets which we had Published earlier ‘Internal Server Error’ Twitter Bug Echoes Your Tweets Multiple Times

These are Trending Topics for Now

EnjoY The Twitter echo day by Commenting below!


‘Internal Server Error’ Twitter Bug Echoes Your Tweets Multiple Times


‘Internal Server Error’ Twitter Bug Echoes Your Tweets Multiple Times

The Fail Whale…
Wrong Tweet Count…
And a New Bug is Discovered “Internal Server Error” which echoes your tweets several times!!
Twitter has to Seriously look into this matter… Here are the Captured Screen shots of “Multiple Tweets” as a result of “Internal server error”!…

Internal Server Error Twitter Bug

These are the Response from Twitter Users at this Point of Time…

jacktaggart‎: @twitter when you tweet “Internal server error” appears but the message is well sended

Twitter keeps giving us the “Internal Server Error” message, which is causing duplicates and triplicates of the same tweet.

FredChukkawakka‎: Why is twitter posting tweets after pressing “Tweet” an Internal Server Error message appears and message is still in ‘What’s happening”

kimsch‎: so many duplicate tweets! Twitter says there’s an internal server error but prints anyhoos.

JeromeCheng‎: @twitter I’m getting a message “internal server error” when I tweet. When I refresh the page, my tweet has been tweeted out… o_O… and…

Are you experiencing the same problem??? Report it Here! by commenting! lets enjoy the twitter fail whale moment


Humorous 3 Tech Advertisement Videos – Must Watch

When I was just surfing YouTube videos, found some funny tech related videos, so thought of sharing with you all. There is nothing much to explain about it, just watch those videos and enjoy life.

These videos are pretty old ones and some of you may have seen, so if you have seen, watch it once again 😛 For new buddies, have an amazing time.

A creative way to sell ringtones –

Steve Balmer selling Microsoft 1.0 –

Sony Vaio – Beware the Webcam –

If you find any similar tech related videos which are funny, please share it with us 🙂

Vodafone Unlimited GPRS @ 95 Rs Pack/Month.(Upto 2GB/Month)


Vodafone is Back with a Breaking GPRS Pack.
Vodafone Kick Starts its New GPRS Pack of 95 Rs/Month where you could enjoy unlimited GPRS Access through out the month.

Here is the Message which I received from Vodafone Today.

Hello!Enjoy UNLIMITED GPRS browsing for 30 days with recharge of Rs95. Fair usage policy of 2GB/month will apply. Recharge now & discover a new world of entertainment.

Vodafone Unlimited GPRS Plan Details
Pack: 95 Rs
Validity: 30 Days
Maximum Usage: 2GB/Month (Fair usage Policy) =Unlimited
Offered Valid at Karnataka

This Feature was requested by vodafone Customers from long time. It is said That People were Migrating to Other Operators just because Vodafone doesn’t have a good GPRS Plan . More Reasons to Smile! Earlier Vodafone was Charging 10paise for every 10kb of Data downloaded (also had a plan of 299, allowed just 100mb of data usage). Now Upon Recharging for Rs 95, you would enjoy Everything for free.


Introducing CrowdA to Our Multi-Author Tech blog –

Good News For Chaaps authors and those who are still waiting!
First of all, I congratulate My Authors who have Worked Sincerely for Chaaps and Have delivered Quality Articles to Our Readers.

Chaaps has Got a Global Recognition as a Multi-Author Tech Blog.. We have Seven Authors(As of Now).

Srivathsan GK
Nandini RajaGopalan
Sukhjit Singh
Siddartha Thota
Kiran Ruth

Chaaps administration has been considering various ways to compensate our news providers for quite a while and finally the solution has been found.

Chaaps had Declared itself as a “Revenue Sharing” Blog when it opened in July 2009 and we Invited Tech Bloggers to Contribute their articles to Chaaps. When I say “Revenue Sharing” , The Bloggers used to Link their Adsense Accounts to their Content and Used to Earn for the Ad Performance for their Respective Contents.

How about a Powerful Author Who Doesn’t have Adsense Account??
These issues have bothered us and other site owners for quite some time.

Introducing CrowdA

We are happy to announce that the solution is right here, and it has already been implemented! And if you still don’t follow – yes, Chaaps IS ABOUT TO SHARE ITS AD REVENUES WITH THE BLOGGERS the Crowd A Way!

CrowdA has been integrated to Chaaps. So How does it work?

The new model is Here! Thanks to a new service – Crowd A.
You only need to sign-up with the service as a Contributor. Upon the registration you will be assigned a CrowdA ID, which you will copy and paste in your user profile on Starting from that moment you will be entitled to a share of ad revenues generated by your posts. How can you see the statistics of your ad impressions and its Performance? All the information is available under your account at CrowdA (link).

Some explanations to set your expectations. If you plan to retire after your first 100 posts, you’re mistaken. The bloggers get paid only when site visitors access their blogs – or the post itself by clicking the Details link. Hope you realize writing 100 boring posts which attract no visitors won’t make you rich. A single high-quality post with your original content, however, will attract many site visitors, & will make your blog popular. I have no doubt that after gaining some experience of using the CrowdA service you will know which news turn popular & so you will have the incentive to promote your outstanding Chaaps blog.

Wish You all The Best!

All the questions about using the CrowdA platform please send to

Doubts?? Comment Here!

Online tool for Converting any Webpage to PDF Easily for free

Do you want to save a piece of content for later read ? or If your site is featured somewhere you might like to capture that moment for posterity. Then all you need is HTML to PDF converter. It will take care of your webpage convert easily to pdf file.

Free HTML to PDF converter or Web to PDF Converter is an online tool which helps you to convert the webpages to PDF files for later use. You might have used many tools like this, but I loved this one because of it’s interface. No annoying ads and stuff.

Just enter the url of the page and hit Make PDF, it takes some 10 to 15 seconds and then automatically downloads to your folder. You can use adobe reader or any pdf reader to read the page.

HTML PDF Convert – Homepage

The best method to share content you find online in the exact shape that you found it.

How To Insert Your Avatar in a Video Clip ?

Have you ever tried jumping from a plane and flying in the sky like superhero ? or danced on stage at some concert ? Well, here with this small web app you can do this very easily.

Just insert your photo in the video clip and enjoy the interesting video where you’re featured inside.

Madeup Memories is a fun website where you can see yourself jumping from a plane in a video clip, or just flying like a superhero in the sky. It helps you to create a fun video of you without actually being in it. Just customizing a video with a personal photo in 4 easy steps.

1. Pick a Video (Jump out of plane or Dance with Matisyahu)

2. Chose a Photo of yours that has the face forward with eyes open. So that it can fit the video perfectly.

3. Personalize the photo

4. Preview it and you can even save it to your desktop to keep forever.

You can also share it with your friends via email, just give a try and hope you will like it 🙂

Madeup Memories – Homepage
[ad#srivatsan2] donates $10 to the Poor and Needy #Donate10cents is a Technology Website where we write on Social Media and Technology Updates. When I Started The website, I had made promise myself IF I GET MONEY LET ME DONATE SOME PART OF IT TO THE POOR..

I think The Time has arrived for this… has made a little money from ads which we display along the content which you read… I am sharing a Part of Revenue for the Poor and disabled..

I was searching for some Genuine Cause where there is a Necessity of Money for the Poor and Disabled People.. I found as Genuine Website where They serve for People who are not able to get sufficient food for their survival and I believe They will Reach the Money to the Needful.

How You could be a part of this Donation?
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Here is The Payment Receipt…
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Let Me Know, if There is any other social cause where could Help.

Send Merry Christmas Cards and Holiday Wishes to Your Facebook Friends

It’s time to make merry and share the joy with friends on this Christmas. One good gift that anyone would enjoy is wishing them whole heartedly. Now send christmas cards and holiday wishes to your facebook friends easily in just two steps.

Christmas gifts

Wish your friends a Merry Christmas by posting christmas cards directly to your friends’ walls on facebook. There are many applications for christmas but the most popular applications we’ve seen are listed below

All you need to do is Click on the application link, allow it to access your account, select your gifts and send it to your facebook friends. Simple and Easy ? Now Go ahead ..

1. Christmas Wishes

2. Christmas Cards by Kari

3. Send A Christmas Card

4. Christmas Cards!

God is Love ,
Christmas is all about love ,
Christmas is thus about God and Love.

Teach your children the True Meaning of Christmas!

** Merry Christmas to All **

Find out the Fonts used in the Image or Logo : MyFont

Many a times we admire the beautiful fonts used in the images with nice design.

The font used in those picture is really hard to find unless you have the source files. So, if you know the name of the font, it is easy to download and use it. Now how to find out the fonts used in the picture ? This online tool helps us to find out the fonts just by uploading the corresponding image.


MyFont is a simple online tool which helps you to know the fonts used in the image just by uploading the picture. Once you upload the image, it searches a large font database and then gives you the font name as a result.


Even if you searched your font and couldn’t find the font, then you can post the image in WhatTheFont forums to ask help from the community. To get the optimal results ensure these three points –


– Try to get the text as horizontal as possible.
– Letters should be around 100 pixels tall in your image
– Make sure letters aren’t touching each other.


Image formats like GIF, JPG,BMP, TIFF are supported.

What The Font – Homepage

Just try out yourself and leave your comments =)

Santa on Twitter?


So today i was thinking to myself wouldn’t it be great if Santa was on twitter. Well i thought long and hard, and searched, and searched, for hours on twitter finding the official twitter account.


Well i gave up on searching and decided to call the north poll to ask Santa’s little helpers a question. Well i was hold for awhile (typical) but you got give them le-way for the hard work they do. So after an hour someone answers. Yay i said to my self.

So after having a brief conversation on what i want for Christmas i asked the golden question. “Elf, does Santa have twitter?”, The elf answered “sorry, but no”. This nearly broke my heart. But than the elf said “but we the elve’s have twitter”. This made me jump up and down with joy.

After exchanging information with the Elf, i finally followed them. So now i am enjoying the beauty of the Elve’s profile pic. And having them tweet the big count down for Christmas.

So i continued talking to the Elf, and the Elf gave me a little secret. “We may have some giveaways”.

So now we can all enjoy following the elve’s. Don’t worry i shall let you know there username.

To follow the elves follow them at @thenorthpoll or

Also make sure you send them a tweet telling them what you want for Christmas.

Happy Holidays