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How To: Blog Under Extreme Pressures

by AnonymousFebruary 4, 2012
Blogging under extreme stress

I guess its common sense that you shouldn’t blog when you are sick. That’s why i am going to tell you how to blog under extreme pressures in this article. Many of you are just plain paranoid about blogging regularly. First things first, you will not die if you don’t blog today. Your blog will […]

“Let it Snow” on Google is yet another Christmas surprise which will amaze you!

by AnonymousDecember 19, 2011
Google pulls off yet another Xmas trick - this time it is Let it Snow

Google has startled us with another of its easter eggs, only this time its better. You will be left bewildered after you type in “Let it Snow” in the Google search box. Try it now. As you know its Christmas time, every year Google manages to pull off a stunt that has nothing but praises […]

How To: Embed a Facebook Subscribe button on your Website

by AnonymousDecember 16, 2011
facebook subscribe button tutorial

As you all know Facebook recently had launched a Subscribe feature with which you could Subscribe to a person’s public or m buy clomid without prescription ost important updates on Facebook without the need to be his/her friend. Just a few days ago, the social network decided to release its Subscribe button for blogs and […]

Google Music to debut next Wednesday. Free music on Android!

by AnonymousNovember 16, 2011
Google Music launching very soon

Have you heard of Google Music? If not then its time to sign up and enjoy listening to free music on your favorite Android device. Yes Google Music is the latest Cloud based Music service launched by the Google Inc. which was introduced early this year. But its going big this time. Google Music can […]

Gmail Preview Pane launched. Browse mails faster

by AnonymousAugust 6, 2011
Gmail Preview Pane launched

Gmail just yesterday launched its new gadget or shall i say a Labs feature, the Preview Pane. As the name suggests its use, the widget is used to preview your mails rather than opening them completely. To enable this feature just goto your mail settings, select the Labs tab. Enter preview as your search word. […]

Why Twitter is better than Facebook

by AnujMarch 23, 2011

Recently a lot of developers and bloggers had a healthy debate among the two most popular social media sites Twitter and Facebook. Although Facebook ranks no. 2 in Traffic , whereas Twitter is at no. 9 , it is still treated as a better media tool by developers than Facebook. Here are some reasons why […]

How to Sell Old Mobiles for Decent Price?

by Chethan ThimmappaNovember 25, 2010

Howdy Readers, The world is growing, Technology advances are taking place in exponential pace. It is the Age of iPhones, Tablets and Touch devices..Nothing stays “new”, Today’s Smart Phone will be Older and Outdated if you move 6 months down the line… We always (Geeks/One who loves technology) want to Upgrade our Phones, OS, what […]

Sony Ericsson Says Goodbye to Symbian!

by Chethan ThimmappaSeptember 26, 2010

Here is some hot stuff for the Day..Sony Ericsson has just made an Official Announcement that it is No Longer going to Continue with Nokia Headed Symbian Operating System.. Sony Ericsson chooses Android and Windows Phone 7 over Symbian… Google’s Android must be in Cloud 9 to hear this Sweet News… The above Pie Chart […]

Now Google changes it’s color as you type

by MurugappanSeptember 8, 2010
Google logo as on 08/09/10

Note: This time the new logo is seen only in Google UK. Google just rocked us all by logo powered by HTML5 which left us astonished. And right in the next day, Google put up another amazing logo – which, by default, is grey and gets back its color as you enter your search query. […]

How to Run a Web Server on S60 Mobile Phones!

by Chethan ThimmappaSeptember 5, 2010

Yes! You read it right!! Here is a way you can Turn your Mobile into a Web server! Sounds Great isn’t it? You can Host your Files on your favorite s60 mobile device which serves webpages!! Start and Stop your Server whenever you want! What Not, This Server even Supports PHP Scripts and you could […]