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Happy Independence day, Or should I call it Republic day?

Chaaps wishes all its Readers a Happy Independence Day… Yes, Independence day!

Did you know? Before the Indian Constitution was formed, 26th January was celebrated as Independence day.

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“No, this is not an out-of-niche posts, as it seems to a minority.” This is a tech-related article too. Read on…

Happy Independence day, Or should I call it Republic day?
Happy Independence day, Or should I call it Republic day?

Fight for Independence, now in the Internet

Ahh yes, you read that right! Let’s fight for Independence in the Internet – Here’s a notice to the Twitter team requesting to make effective measures against the Spam Bots. Though I have been experiencing problems by Twitter bots since many days it has seriously got more intensified in a couple of weeks.

We Humbly request the twitter team to, for your users sake, Act seriously – Remove your Bots and We’ll love you more.

What’s the tech related worry/happiness in your mind, this Republic day? (Oops, I better call it as Independence day 😉 )

TwitPlus: Making Twitter web better than any other client

Okay, I agree to the stats that say twitter web is the most popular client. But c’mon who can deny that it is constantly losing to better clients like Tweetdeck, hootsuite, Gravity and more?

Although Twitter web has got an ultimate positive response, it still lacks through some feature such as uploading an image which is much desired.

Big fan of Twitter web? TwitPlus to your rescue!

Link: TwitPlus for Google chrome

Why I love TwitPlus!

– Preview photos and videos
– Preview of shorten links
– Facebook Like box integration*
– Live creation of shorten links
– Upload photos and videos easily*
– Live tweets feed

*: The ones in italic are personally my favorite features of this extension.

Do drop your views, as always, on your comments! 🙂

Get Google Chrome | Get TwitPlus Extension


No Followers, No following but still you’re listed – Again! [Twitter Bug]

Update: This Issue has been fixed by Twitter right now.

Time: 00:31 IST

We’ve reported this bug in Chaaps maybe around a five or six months back. And It’s showing up again. Yes, a sad news indeed.

Last time around, it was at least put up on the Twitter status about this bug. But now, It ain’t the case – Twitter was down for a while around 00:10 IST and when it was back this bug was spotted.

Twitter bugHey Twitter, is this the gift that you have unpacked for us this Christmas?

Update: I refreshed my account to see if all is well – Aargh! twitter tries to irritate me even more this time. Laugh at twitter (and at me), seeing the screenshot below:

What's next, it sems!
"What's next," it seems for twitter!

What is being wrong? | 00:50 IST

Following, Follower data is now updated.

I reckon this is a design error and hence there’s nothing been said about it in the Twitter Status blog.

Design Error
New twitter: Design Error

Something’s missing in the screenshot above, right? I wasn’t able to figure it out for a couple of minutes but then I realised there’s an extra gap between your latest tweet and following/follower counters. Looking forward to hear a good news about Twitter ss soon as possible. 🙂

Do drop in your comments about this issue. 🙂

Role of Social Media in Organic Search Ranking

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter as the top emerging social networks today, Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have also evolved that made up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with some changes – that is taking into consideration social media in search rankings. Social Media Optimization (SMO), is then been considered as most recent variety of SEO.

Social media role in SEO

SEO Specialists, Internet Marketers, and Webmasters should not think about SMO as an interruption from their normal SEO efforts; but this new trend should be installed to improve their websites’ SEO projections. Search Engines and Social Media should go well hand in hand. This can be seen as the search engines are finding more and more ways to use them together. In fact, the right blending of these two aspects of web promotions could ultimately tell us who has the most functional tools for web users.

Social Media for Organic Search Ranking

In Social Media Optimization, gaining profile links and shared or tweeted back links from individual social networks such as Facebook and Twitter would be the objective towards real time search. The greater impact you can shed on the social networking sites, the greater your SEO projections will improve as the time goes by, take the advice that Wellington SEO provides and make sure to follow it. As we can see, Google have incorporated in their real time search the results and updates from Twitter as well as Bing allied to Facebook. Both Google and Yahoo give higher ranking to sites or content based upon social media voting.

So there is really a real closure between these gigantic websites. Let’s take a deeper look into how searches engines count social signals for organic ranking.

Twitter Tweets

A tweet is a status update on a microblogging website, Twitter. It’s been a powerful message allowing 140 characters or less, having a flexible link shortening and multi protocol services.

For Google, the link tweets take you to these dedicated social search services gathering content from social networks and leverage counted social signals from those networks to help decide what should rank well. Most links in Twitter are nofollow links but it doesn’t matter instead it helps improve the news results. You can see it how page rank and Google index cached the most tweeted and most shared content, which can be considered as the most visited. Automatically, when the page is tweeted most, Google will rank it to the search results. So, gaining more tweets to your content pays off.

But it’s quite different for Bing, Bing looks at the social authority of the users counting the followers on how many people they follow and how many follow them. Link carries much more weight in Bing Social Search when someone in authority especially public figures tweets the link and that will flow to the top when best match relevancy is being used.

Facebook Shares and Likes

The web-wide Facebook “Like” button and a “share” maybe are present in your website now. The idea of Facebook Connect, Likes and toolbars give just enough access to data to satisfy developers and all but the most perceptive web user. How search engines count “likes” and “shares” for organic ranking?

In Bing search, the ranking is quite diverse. Bing currently looks at links shared on Facebook that are marked as being shared to “everyone” and those links from Fan Pages. So it follows that when your link will be shared most in Fan Pages and to everyone then the more your links will be indexed and gets higher organic rank in search.

Social media has really an unswerving effect on search engine rankings showing us how social media reviews, comments, and rankings are currently influencing search engine results, and that search engines are using social voting systems and social network trends to determine quality content. If you have a good piece of content, which is attractive to these networks, then share, tweet and submit the story yourself, ask a friend, or a top user in these networks. But remember to do this cautiously and carefully.

Author Bio
Anil Gupta writes about topics related to making money online, seo, social media, affiliate marketing and blog tips on his blog.


Twitter adds India in Location Trends! Get Ready for More Desi Topics

Several months back, When Twitter Announced the Location Trends for Cities and Countries, I was quite Excited and wanted to Try out the Most Happening Topic in My Region (India).. Unfortunately, This feature was not available for India at that time when the announcement was made.

The Wait is Over! Twitter has now Integrated Many Many Countries in the list of Location where you can track the Trending topics at your Geographical Location.. Yes.. India is Included 🙂

Just a Day after the Launch of this New tracking Tool, I found Some Interesting Trends related to India.. Already Indian Topics have made quite a lot of Buzz on Twitter.. Laxman’s Winning Innings in Test Cricket, KBC launch, Common Wealth Games in Recent Times were the Killer Topics which took a dominant place on Global Trends (Worldwide)..

With the Inclusion of Countries like India where the Twitter is used extensively, Users can have a great insight, Keeping track of the trends.. Obviously, the More Buzz will be on Cricket and Political Stories.. It would be nice to see how the things shape up.. Could You Imagine all the IPL teams trending on the day of IPL 4 Launch? Not a Surprise!

Let us know your Response on Desi Topics based on Locations! Hit? Flop? Whatever!


Facebook vs Twitter - from the Blogger's shoes

Facebook vs Twitter: From the Bloggers’ point of view

Undoubtedly the arguments about Facebook vs Twitter, today, is one of the most critical and most common controversy. For a normal person, Facebook is more impressive mainly because of it’s ease of use and more importantly Most of their friends are only in Facebook. You may feel twitter has an isolated atmosphere in the initial stages. But as you get more friends and followers, twitter starts to sound interesting. If you consider yourself as a weaker vessel in terms of the twitter effect, read our previous articles about twitter.

Facebook vs Twitter - from the Blogger's shoes
Facebook vs Twitter - under the Blogger's shoes

Which social network tend to send you more traffic? Twitter or Facebook? Which is the social network, from which you are longing for traffic?

1. Facebook

First of all, Having more friends is not the intention. Even if you have few friends, let them be your real friends and they will automatically ‘like’, comment or at least pour an eye on your wall/profile.


You can use applications like NetworkedBlogs or RSS Graffiti to automatically ping your profile or page once you published a post in your blog. Also, do remember people like you only if you BE HUMAN! Don’t automate everything.

2. Twitter

I started my twitter account in October 2009 and didn’t even cross 20 followers till June 2010. I had no friends there, I was following only celebrities and i didn’t even tweet a mere 100 times for 7 to 8 months. Later, after reading an e-book about twitter, I started tweeting with hash-tags, mentions and started targeting users by using #FollowFridays. Once you gain a considerable amount of followers, just carry out some twitter strategies.

Share with us which is the social network that sends you great traffic and which one’s pulling your leg. Do let me know whether you are going to share this in Facebook or give it a retweet, or both. 😛

The hootsuite owl

Hootsuite gets a small revamp – Login with OpenID

The hootsuite owlI have always been a big fan of Hootsuite, especially after it released it’s recent version. You can read more about the latest patch of Hootsuite at Daily Blogging.

One thing that bothered me was that I always needed to enter my long E-mail address and password to enter the dashboard. Now they have fulfilled the wish of people like me by allowing to Sign in to your Hootsuite account with your Google account, Yahoo account, Mixi or with OpenID. I hope this is a good move from Hootsuite. However I guess, facebook connect and Twitter connect would be even more appreciated as Hootsuite is something more concerned about Social Networking.

Hootsuite New Login
Hootsuite New Login

I’m looking forward on what would be the reply from it’s all time rival, Adobe AIR-based client Tweet-deck for this move. Also, I’m looking forward to hear from you which one do you like the most – The twitter bird or Hootsuite’s brown owl?

Twitter birds

5 extensions to tweet right from Google chrome

Are you one among the few who hate the new twitter or are you just lazy to go to the twitter website? Then these extensions can Give you a great helping hand!

Twitter birds

Chromed Bird

To be summarized, Chromed Bird is simply A better alternative to the twitter web. It is more or less having the functions of Twitter web but in the shape of an extension.

Link: Chromed bird


No more rule that you must see the tweetmeme button only in blogs, Now they can invade your address bar too! Go grab the extension and make the use of a very well-known twitter client. What I love about tweetmeme is I can tweet my heart out as well as make use of the URL shortener
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Link: Tweetmeme


Want to share a link? Hit the Hootlet button, and automatically, the URL is shortened and text is grabbed from the site. You can also schedule your messages to get sent at a later date, or as a draft.

Link: Hootsuite for Google Chrome

This something which most of you didn’t know. The updated version of URL shortener’s extension allows you to tweet. But before you can tweet you must go to the options and enable it.Updating twitter status from extension

Link: URL shortener

Twitter Bookmarklet

Most of us would have forgotten this method of tweeting just because of the advent of add-ons and extensions. At least I did, in the beginning. What’s special about the official twitter Bookmarklet is that it is the only way so far to use links in your posts other than the tweet button.

Link: Get twitter Bookmarklet

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Now, it’s time for you to let me know in what means are you going to tweet this post? 😛

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Twitter and your Blog

The secret of driving flocks of traffic from Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging website that enables normal bloggers to become mega-bloggers. If proper use of twitter is made, you can drive a million number of people to your blog. In social bookmarking sites, you will be considered spam if you submit more stories than you read. In twitter, you will be considered spam if you tweet about the same link again and again. So make it sure that you don’t tweet only your tweet but tweet other’s post too.

Twitter and your Blog
Twitter and your Blog

How do I make my tweets influencial?

Just tweet your post three times. No, that’s not all. Read on to how to tweet each time…

First time

This should be as soon as you make a post, be quick. Tweet it in an appealing way. Example:

Twitter to bid Goodbye to HTTP?

Second time

This time again tweet with an appealing text and link. What’s different in the second tweet is you must have to add an hash-tag to the tweet. Moreover, keep in mind that you have to leave at least a gap of 6 hours between the first and the second times so that your tweets reaches followers from other zones too. Example:

Road to a professional Facebook profile #Facebook #Professionalism

Third time

First set a target – For me it is 15 retweets. When I reach the target of 15 Retweets, I thank the retweeters in this format:

Thanks for the retweet! @karan7n @sdarine @webtechman @morb01 | ..

Using this simple trick I was able to gather a lot of retweets in a short span of time and also a few comments. Hope you found this tip useful, Share with us how you drive traffic to your blog/website via Twitter.

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Twitter to bid Goodbye to “HTTP”?


New twitter was released nearly a month back and is been rolling out slowly but steadily to each and every account in twitter. I have read the review of New twitter in various blogs and found it pretty impressive. But when I got my new twitter a week back, I found something that wasn’t featured in popular blogs.

Goodbye http://

Yes, it’s official. New twitter doesn’t need “http://” to recognize a link. They’ve saved us from wasting 7 characters out of the 140 allowed, Ain’t that a happy news for us?

7 characters wasted
Old twitter doesn't recognize links when not accompanied with "http://"
7 characters saved!
New twitter - smart link recognition

Do read:

Though this smart link recognition was present in Gtalk and Orkut, it was much needed in Twitter where 140 characters is the deadline.

According to twitter, All of the twitter users have got New twitter from 13th, the October. Do share with us if you have found something new that you have found in #newtwitter.
We have made the comment box just for you, make the most of it!


3 Ways To Sync Your Facebook Profile With Your Twitter Account


Facebook for friends and Twitter for marketing. That’s the mantra for every Blogger out here. But we feel some stuff must be shared with both friends and networking partners. At such times we need an app to synchronize our twitter account with our Facebook Profile or Page. Here are a few resources to update your Facebook status as you tweet:

Facebook and Twitter

1. Twitter – the official application

You have sign in to your twitter account and opt to send your tweets to your Facebook profile. What most i hate in this application is that all tweets appear in my Facebook profile which makes me look like a Spam bot.

Twitter official application for Facebook
Twitter official application for Facebook

Link: Twitter [Official application]

2. Smart Twitter

I like this one better than the official Twitter application. Where Smart Twitter distinguishes itself from the official app is that it pings Facebook only if the tweet doesn’t have ‘@’ replies, ‘@’ mentions, hashtags and retweets. You can also modify the filters by pointing your browser to Smart Twitter Settings.

Smart Twitter for facebook
Smart Twitter - filter your Twitter

Link: Smart Twitter

3. Selective Tweets

I’m a big time fan of Selective tweets and I am a faithful user of it. The mechanism behind this app is that once you install this application, whenever you tweet contains “#fb” it is imported to your Facebook Profile.

Selective Twitter for Facebook
Selective tweets Facebook Application

Link: Selective tweets

How do you update your Facebook status on the go? If you get to know a better alternative for the ones listed above, Do share with us.

[ad#ad-2-1] - StumbleUpon for twitter The StumbleUpon for twitter - StumbleUpon for twitter is an initiative born at the TechCrunch disrupt which allows you to ‘tumbl’ upon the links shared by your twitter friends. This project is created by UCSC student Suchit Agarwal (@suchitagarwal) accompanied by Blippy Engineer Rahul Thathoo(@thathoo).

Just point your browser to and login with your Twitter account and you can set your preferences which is self-explanatory and start tumbling. It’s as simple as that! Preferences Preferences

Whenever you tumbl across a link you can either ‘tweet’ it or ‘like’ it.

A link being tumbl'd
A link being tumbl'd

Check out and do chirp in with your feedback by commenting.

Via: Techcrunch

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