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Learn How to Drive more impressions on your Tweets (infographic)

by AnonymousFebruary 5, 2012
Twitter tips to increase your tweet CTR

Here is a short and sweet infographic which tells you how to drive more impressions on your tweets. In short, maximize your Click Through Rate by following these simple suggestions. Twitter is the most integral part of our life. We use it to share our blog posts, and this is the most effective platform wherein […]

TwitWipe: Delete all your tweets but still keep your valuable followers!

by AnonymousDecember 26, 2011
TwitWipe - delete tweets systematically

TwitWipe is a new service developed by Aalaap Ghag which allows you to delete all your tweets from the beginning of time. It basically cleans your tweets so that you can start anew. Instead of permanently getting rid of your account by deleting it, you can think practically and save your hard-earned followers. The working […]

Twitter Revamps everything: The All new Twitter Desktop!

by AnonymousDecember 11, 2011
The All New Twitter

Twitter: the most popular micro-blogging platform has done a total redesign of all its apps. Some of the major changes you will catch a glimpse of are The new Twitter desktop look, new Twitter for Andro viagra online id and iOS apps, introduction of Twitter Brand pages and embeddable tweets, revealing of the new Twitter […]

Twitter adds new activity tab and @username tab for better social connect

by AnonymousNovember 13, 2011
Twitter's new changes: activity and username tabs

If you have been to Twitter recently then you must have noticed a  new Activity tab and an @username tab that replaces the old Mentions tab. Twitter rolled out these changes just this Tuesday which is aimed at providing users a better social media experience on Twitter. The new Activity tab on Twitter notifies you […]

Twitter Follow Button for Websites- An imitation of Facebook Like Button

by Chethan ThimmappaJune 1, 2011

Social Media is a Big Pool. Facebook and Twitter being the GODs have exchanged many features and ideas each other since its launch. Facebook copied the concept of “News Feed” from Twitter where it aggregates the recent updates/activities of “Friends”. Well, This article is not about “who copied whom”, Its all about a new Twitter […]

Twitter’s Own Photo Sharing Service to Kill twitPic,yFrog?

by Chethan ThimmappaMay 31, 2011

Looks like Twitter has got some huge funds… A lot of path breaking twitter activities have happened since this month… Firstly, twitter acquired TweetDeck , the most loved third party twitter client and now its the time for it to make another huge announcement– The Twitter Photo Service. If You are one of those who […]

Twitter plays a huge role in Osama’s death

by AnonymousMay 3, 2011

Osama’s death was a big shocking news to me too. I first heard the news on Facebook. Soon everybody was posting news about Osama’s death. Social Media played a great role in delivering this breaking news. I swear if i hadn’t heard it on Facebook or Twitter i wouldn’t have even known it, coz i […]

Facebook pages, be ready to make a move. Switch to twitter brand pages soon!

by MurugappanApril 5, 2011
Twitter bird

Not too many days back we discussed on why twitter is better than facebook. The response we generally got was both are for different cause and we cannot really compare these two social networks to each other. Nevertheless, the commentators also stressed on the point the social network that best suits you also depends on […]

Visualize your twitter network with Mentionmap

by MurugappanApril 5, 2011

An app called Mention map released by Asterisq, lets you explore your twitter network in an exciting way. With so many apps for twitter analytics and the likes emerging, this one caught my sight. Mention map has a great load of unique features. Some of them being: Discover the people with whom you interact the […]

How to build a brand for your blog with Twitter?

by MurugappanMarch 27, 2011

Twitter has always been a boon for us in promoting our posts as it is the main source of traffic for us after organic traffic. People just often keep tweeting the same link again and again which has a dual disadvantage: One, loss of credibility and Two, Susceptibility of spam. Here are a few tips for you […]