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Twitter tips to increase your tweet CTR

Learn How to Drive more impressions on your Tweets (infographic)

Here is a short and sweet infographic which tells you how to drive more impressions on your tweets. In short, maximize your Click Through Rate by following these simple suggestions.

Twitter is the most integral part of our life. We use it to share our blog posts, and this is the most effective platform wherein your articles gets noticed among the big crowd. One of the advantages of Twitter is that your posts have a higher audience reach.I guess its obvious, the more number of followers you have, the better your tweets will do, but that’s not all!

Driving visitors is an art, and there are certain tips to be followed by which your friends will be enticed to click on your tweets. Some of them are discussed below.

Include personal references in your links. Try to put ‘via’, ‘@’, ‘RT’ symbols in your tweets. These objects will add a personal touch to your tweets. Visitors will always get a feeling that it is a genuine tweet.

Don’t try to advertise while tweeting. Keep it simple and to the point.

There is also the perfect timing element. Try to share your articles in the afternoon hours. Also tweeting on weekends acheived higher CTR’s than the weekdays. is the best way to brand your tweets. Try to use’s newspaper service to improve your CTR levels. Once setup, the newspaper gets published automatically everyday. A constant source of information keeps your readers glued to your tweets.

Here is an infographic which will give you the big picture of what i am talking about:

drive more clicks on your tweets

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know if your tweets are doing well after following these suggestions.

Source: ZDNet

TwitWipe - delete tweets systematically

TwitWipe: Delete all your tweets but still keep your valuable followers!

TwitWipe is a new service developed by Aalaap Ghag which allows you to delete all your tweets from the beginning of time. It basically cleans your tweets so that you can start anew. Instead of permanently getting rid of your account by deleting it, you can think practically and save your hard-earned followers.

TwitWipe - now delete all your tweets but still keep your followers

The working of TwitWipe is simple. Just log-in to Twitter using OAuth and then start the wipe procedure. The speed of the deletion process depends on how many tweets you have made, sometimes it can take hours or even a whole day!

TwitWipe will only carry out tasks on tweets made by you. It will not affect your followers or following data or any other Twitter module. So what are you waiting for? Use TwitWipe and discover a systematic way to delete all your tweets in one go.

Source: Mashable

The All New Twitter

Twitter Revamps everything: The All new Twitter Desktop!

Twitter: the most popular micro-blogging platform has done a total redesign of all its apps. Some of the major changes you will catch a glimpse of are The new Twitter desktop look, new Twitter for Android and iOS apps, introduction of Twitter Brand pages and embeddable tweets, revealing of the new Twitter Buttons, …you will find yourself immersed in a whole new color of blue.

Today we will discuss the changes made in the Twitter Desktop and give you a complete walk-through over what’s where and where’s what!

Twitter new login page

The Twitter bar

Twitter for Desktop has also undergone some big changes, the interface has been systematically rearranged. First thing you will notice is the top bar. The Twitter logo is now been placed at the center, nice little tweety bird. You can now navigate to your Home tab, Connect tab and Discover tab from the big dedicated links placed at theleft hand side of the top bar.

The Search box is visible on the right and all your profile page shortcuts can be accessed by clicking the man icon. Compose tweet button has a new flair now, the blue feather icon looks just so attractive.

The Homepage

The new Home is arranged into two columns, the left sidebar and the main Tweets column. The sidebar displays your twitter stats at the top consisting of your Followers and Following number. You can also compose a tweet right away without clicking any buttons by typing in the box below. Just below the stats box you can see your Who to Follow suggestions, and after that a Trends box which alerts you of new trending topics based on your country.

Twitter new home page

The Tweets column is nicely arranged showing you the latest tweets of the people you are following. Only when you hover over a tweet , the tweet functions are shown such as Reply, Retweet and Favorite, otherwise they are hidden to avoid unnecessary clutter.

You can also Open a Tweet to see when the status update was made by clicking Open when you hover over a tweet. By further clicking the Details link you will get the permalink of that specific tweet.

Another ease-of-use feature you will find in the new twitter interface is when you click on any person’s name, instead of opening you the profile page of that person, the new twitter shows you a quick lookup box consisting of his latest tweets and his twitter stats. This is really a time-saver for me!

The Connect tab

The Connect page shows your followers latest Interactions with you as well as Mentions. Switch to and from Interactions and Mentions from the sidebar on the left.

Twitter new connect page

The Discover tab

Moving on to the discover tab, this page shows you the latest stories in and around your country. The Stories section lists out the trending topics in your country. The Activity section shows what your friends have done recently, which people they have followed, which people they have added to a list.

Twitter new discover page

By clicking on Browse categories you can also follow popular tweeps based on your interests.

Your Profile Page

When you land on to your profile page, you will see some major changes. Your profile photo along with your bio and twitter stats is placed in a big box right on top to be the highlight of the page. In the left sidebar people can access your various sections from Tweets, Followers-Following to your personal Favorites and Lists. There’s yet another suggestions box about whom to follow known as Similar to you.

Twitter new profile page

That’s all there is to the Twitter Desktop. Hope you are enjoying Twitter’s new interface.Sit tight, we will bring new articles and tutorials about the new Twitter as a follow-up of Twitter Revamps everything. For the latest news subscribe to our feed now!

Your word matters…

Please respond and share what you like and what you hate in the #newtwitter by dropping a comment below!

Twitter's new changes: activity and username tabs

Twitter adds new activity tab and @username tab for better social connect

If you have been to Twitter recently then you must have noticed a  new Activity tab and an @username tab that replaces the old Mentions tab. Twitter rolled out these changes just this Tuesday which is aimed at providing users a better social media experience on Twitter.

Twitter rolls out new activity streams and username streams

The new Activity tab on Twitter notifies you of the recent activity of your followers such as New follows, retweets and favorites. It gives you a richer perspective of your followers, what they are currently doing on Twitter and what they are engaging into. Many are talking that the new Activity stream is somewhat identical to Facebook‘s very own News Feed.

Twitter's activity stream at a glance

The @username tab, as you can see has completely replaced the two earlier tabs, Mentions and Retweets. This tab now displays your favorites, people who retweeted your tweets and people who recently followed you. This stream can be described as, more or less similar to “Facebook Notifications” on Twitter.

Twitter's username stream at a glance

Personally i think these two are great additions on Twitter. But on the downside, its also a step to evolve Twitter into some kind of social network. I think Facebook is enough for us, to get to know people and to share with our loved ones but Twitter shouldn’t turn out to be the same. I come to Twitter to tweet about things i love and on some level i like strangers and some privacy.


are your thoughts about the addition of the new Activity stream on Twitter? Do you like it or hate it, share your thoughts by a comment.

Twitter Follow Button for Websites- An imitation of Facebook Like Button

Social Media is a Big Pool. Facebook and Twitter being the GODs have exchanged many features and ideas each other since its launch. Facebook copied the concept of “News Feed” from Twitter where it aggregates the recent updates/activities of “Friends”. Well, This article is not about “who copied whom”, Its all about a new Twitter Button called “Follow” Which was unveiled last night and creating a buzz (A Version of Facebook “Like” button)..

The Webmasters, Social Media experts seem to be happy with twitter follow button as it reduces the factor called “Bounce Rate” – The rate at which a new visitor exits from the current page. With this “Twitter Follow” button one could just follow a twitter profile staying in the same page, Just like Facebook’s “Like”, “Recommend” button integrated in popular sites like IMDB, CNN etc..

Earlier, Though the concept called “Follow” in Twitter is there from long time, It lagged the feature of “Following” an account within the website.

How to get a Twitter Follow Button?

Its is as Easy as that!

Step 1: Visit Twitter Resources Page, and choose the latest “Follow Button” option.

Step2: Enter your Twitter username and Customize.

Step3: Copy the generated code into your website. (May be, next to facebook like button) and you are done!

Let us know your views on Twitter follow button. “Like”d it? Don’t forget to “Follow” us on Twitter 🙂


Twitter’s Own Photo Sharing Service to Kill twitPic,yFrog?

Looks like Twitter has got some huge funds… A lot of path breaking twitter activities have happened since this month… Firstly, twitter acquired TweetDeck , the most loved third party twitter client and now its the time for it to make another huge announcement– The Twitter Photo Service.

If You are one of those who use Twitter on handheld devices using one of the “bestest” twitter clients, you must obviously be knowing to share a picture of a doggy standing next to you or the recent restaurant which you visited. We all have heard of third party photo services like twitpic, yfrog,, mobipic, posterous, flickr. One or more third party photo services is/are seamlessly integrated to the twitter client.. Which was also the only way to share pictures via twitter. Now twitter is planning to launch its official photo sharing service, literally killing the services like twitpic which hugely relied on twitter!

There is a huge opportunity for twitter to get into the photo sharing service and make some potential money by monetizing (Twitpic, yfrog already doing this!)

All going on its way for twitter ! What say?


Twitter plays a huge role in Osama’s death

Osama’s death was big shocking news to me too. I first heard the news on Facebook. Soon everybody was posting news about Osama’s death. Social Media played a great role in delivering this breaking news. I swear if I hadn’t heard it on Facebook or Twitter, I wouldn’t have even known it, because I hardly read newspapers.

Sohaib Athar

Coming on to the big news, do you know who posted the first tweet about Osama’s raid. You all would already be knowing it. Perhaps to jog your memory, it was first tweeted by Sohaib Athar. His greatest twitter status was as in here. CNET managed to capture all his tweets regarding Osama’s raid and display it as an excerpt. Here are those excerpts:!/ReallyVirtual/status/64780730286358528
Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event). about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck
A huge window shaking bang here in Abbottabad Cantt. I hope its not the start of something nasty :-S about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck
@m0hcin all silent after the blast, but a friend heard it 6 km away too… the helicopter is gone too. about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to m0hcin
Just talked to family in Abbottabad, say they heard three blasts one after another, don’t know what really happened. about 10 hours ago via web
@m0hcin the few people online at this time of the night are saying one of the copters was not Pakistani… about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to m0hcin
Seems something nasty happening in #Abbottabad, God save us. about 9 hours ago via web
Since taliban (probably) don’t have helicpoters, and since they’re saying it was not “ours”, so must be a complicated situation #abbottabad about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
The abbottabad helicopter/UFO was shot down near the Bilal Town area, and there’s report of a flash. People saying it could be a drone. about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
@ReallyVirtual Damn. Unusual. Was it of Pakistan Army? about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to ReallyVirtual
@tahirakram very likely – but it was too noisy to be a spy craft, or, a very poor spy craft it was. about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck
@kursed Well, there were at least two copters last night, I heard one but a friend heard two, for 15-20 minutes. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to kursed
i think the helicopter crash in Abbottabad, Pakistan and the President Obama breaking news address are connected. about 3 hours ago via web Retweeted by ReallyVirtual
Uh oh, now I’m the guy who liveblogged the Osama raid without knowing it. about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

Courtesy of CNET

osama _compound_original
Osama's Compound

Courtesy of PCWorld

osama _compound_original
Osama's Hideout

Courtesy of Sohaib Athar himself.

Sohaib Athar who lives in Abbottabad, Pakistan now has 56,749 followers and counting. Sohaib will always be remembered now for playing such a vital role in bringing the latest breaking news to us live on Twitter. Hats Off to Sohaib Athar, being a Blogger himself he has done such a great job.

Word has it the soldiers use First Person View Night Vision Cameras during the raid. This DJI Goggles review shows just why these brilliant FPV goggles are the best when it comes to FPV goggles.

Twitter bird

Facebook pages, be ready to make a move. Switch to twitter brand pages soon!

Not too many days back we discussed on why twitter is better than facebook. The response we generally got was both are for different cause and we cannot really compare these two social networks to each other. Nevertheless, the commentators also stressed on the point the social network that best suits you also depends on what type of business you run. However, most businesses, I reckon would like to go the twitter way as the responses they can gather is quick and in the same time they can reach out big masses with a lot more ease.

London-based Sarah Shearman of Brand Republic reported that twitter is developing a new kind of profile page for business accounts, similar to Facebook Pages.

According to Marketing Magazine,

The pages would work in a similar way to Facebook Pages, providing brands with their own space to deliver content and encourage Twitter users to follow them, claim sources.

Also the report insists that this feature would first be introduced in US; similar to twitter’s promoted trends and promoted users being introduced in the US prior to other countries. A spokesperson of Twitter confirmed that their interest in brands meant it is now looking to set up a UK office. He, however, declined to comment on specific advertising plans.

Do let us know your thoughts regarding this by dropping by a comment. Also, you’d like to keep up with us on twitter or subscribe to our feed. 🙂

/via RWW/

Visualize your twitter network with Mentionmap

An app called Mention map released by Asterisq, lets you explore your twitter network in an exciting way. With so many apps for twitter analytics and the likes emerging, this one caught my sight.

Mention map has a great load of unique features. Some of them being:

  • Discover the people with whom you interact the most and the people with whom they interact the most
  • It can also prove helpful in suggesting you whom to follow
  • Treat to your sight. Oh yes, the interface is super simple and easy to work under.

In other news: MentionMapp, the revised and renewed version of Mention map, as they claim it to be, is in the making. You can keep yourself updated about it by submitting your e-mail address at

Go check it out or see it in action right here:

Do let me know your views about this exclusive app.

How to build a brand for your blog with Twitter?

Standing out of the crowd in Twitter
Standing out of the crowd in Twitter

Twitter has always been a boon for us in promoting our posts as it is the main source of traffic for us after organic traffic. People just often keep tweeting the same link again and again which has a dual disadvantage: One, loss of credibility and Two, Susceptibility of spam.

Here are a few tips for you to drive huge traffic via twitter.

Building a Brand for your Blog with Twitter – A Ten-Point Strategy

  1. To begin with, choose an username that is the same as your blog’s name or at least has a connection with your blog’s name.
  2. Connect with fellow writer and also your readers. At the same time be selective, do learn to ignore. When someone says
  3. Tweet all your posts. At least a few of others. Back in August 2010, A survey showed Facebook users are generally narcissistic; As of now, not much of such a complaint has been thrown on twitter. Let’s keep it that way and promote others content and expect them to reciprocate, too!
  4. Make a note: Twitter isn’t the compact form of your RSS feed. Feeding your twitter profiles with twitterfeed and must be highly avoided as far as you have enough time to spend crafting materials within 140 characters.
  5. Make another note: Scheduling works like a charm though it is similar to feeding. But in this case, you automate blog posts only that are worth a read or two. Be wise in choosing the best and also keep the scheduling interval quite long.
  6. Advertising in twitter – using services like MyLikes Network is the most grave mistake you can ever do. This not only makes your readers think twice before clicking any link of yours but also degrades your idea of building a brand for your blog with twitter. Have you seen Techcrunch or Engadget people do such a lame thing?
  7. Tweet frequency – Let’s get social? I tweet 150 times a day. Will you click a single link of mine? I’d be surprised if you haven’t unfollowed me yet. Or even worse, I tweet once in two weeks. I myself will be wondering how many of my twitter buds know my username and/or my full name.
  8. Use your own URL shortener. Copyblogger has it’s own URL shortener, and Search Engine land has it’s own URL shortener, and so does almost every other renowned blog.
  9. Don’t have a URL shortener for yourself? There’s nothing to sob about! You can use twitter’s official URL shortener that really helps in building a brand. This is something I’ve learnt from my experience. What and doesn’t do, does.
  10. Tweet your heart out! But, Mind you, create another profile for that. Just like you need to keep your Facebook page clean and professional, your twitter profile must be professional on the same lane. Going by the TOS of twitter, having multiple profiles is no sin and hence I highly recommend you to have two twitter profiles – one personal stream and the other, professional. Take for instance, we tweet only legit stuff and share only worth-a-read sort of links from @chaaps while on the other hand I tweet all nonsense from @muru0410. 😛

Have I missed a thing or do you have anything to speak about my twitter profile(@muru0410)? 😉
Have your say in the comments section. Also, make sure you follow us on @chaaps to keep up with our updates instantly.


Why Twitter is better than Facebook

Recently a lot of developers and bloggers had a healthy debate among the two most popular social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

Although Facebook ranks no. 2 in Traffic , whereas Twitter is at no. 9 , it is still treated as a better media tool by developers than Facebook. Here are some reasons why they say so:

1)      Quick Addition Of Friends In Twitter as compared to Facebook

In twitter you just have to just follow your friend in order to add him in your list, which is very easy as compared to Facebook in which you have to send a request to your friend and then also if he accepts your request you get added into his list and vice-versa.

2)      Facebook Limits your friendList

In Facebook you have a limit to add your friends. You cannot add more than 5000 friends in your friend list. Whereas in twitter you don’t have that limitation , irrespective in those cases where you don’t have any followers and you are following everybody , in that case twitter restricts your following limit to 2000.

3)      Twitter is for whom you want to know

Facebook acts as a communicating media between us and the one whom we already know, whereas Twitter is a media between us and those whom we want to know. Thus twitter provides us with knowledge , ideas about those companies / Personalities whom we really are interested in .

4)      No wastage of time in Playing Games

Unlike in Facebook , you don’t waste your time in twitter playing games  , liking your friends quote , tagging on his photo , or poking uselessly .

5)      Less Security Issues in Twitter than Facebook

Since you don’t post your personal pictures on twitter , nor you give your personal detail on it , there is nothing to hide in twitter  which results in full transparency + No Security issues , which in case of Facebook is present in bulk.

6)      Anyone can post on your  Facebook  wall

A major drawback of default settings of facebook is that any member of your friend list can post anything any your wall , which can even sometimes degrade you image in the society , whereas in twitter you can’t tweet on somebody’ wall.

7)      A new world of Hashtags in twitter

In twitter you can easily make your own community by writing “#” before anything. With the introduction of hashtags in twitter the amount of real time search’s in twitter has increased magnificently. Where as in Facebook you have to first join a community and then post on that community which consumes a lot of time.

Thus, these are some of the reasons why most of the developers in the techworld preferred Twitter as a better social media tool than Facebook.


The Four R’s of Twitter that Can Make you A Superstar!

Twitter’s emerging and so is the confusion among the beginners. People in twitter often end up trying ultra-complicated methods to get twitter success – replies, retweets and followers, to be precise. How do we get all the success in super-simple methods?

Twitter superstar<image credit>

You might already be knowing that what you yield is what you sow – so, is the case wit the twitter crop. Do the good, expect the better.

The four R’s of twitter

  • Read: Read the tweets in your timeline, at least for a while in a day. Then react. Then the result, will come.
  • React:
    • Reply: Make an acquaintance, catch a friend, accompany them in their tough times – in twitter as well. Make them smile, they’ll make you smile too. Make sure you don’t reply with a link to an acquaintance so that they might suspect a spam bot in you.
    • Retweet: Holy tweet, this is divine! Retweeting is a great way to turn the tweeter’s eyes towards you. But make sure that you retweet only what your followers also like. Say for example someone tweets about cricket, I shouldn’t retweet it for most of my followers hate the game of cricket.
  • Result: Guess what!? If you have did all the above steps perfect, you’ll get back the same – exactly the same.

Let me know your views and do let me know what strategies you use to be a twitter superstar : Leave a comment.