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“Touch Meets Type” – The New Blackberry Bold 9900 Commercial


Blackberry Bold 9900 is out with brand new Blackberry 7.0 OS. The New blackberry bold 9900 stands out of the box by offering “Touch and Type” facility for its users.

The brand new TV commercial which got launched recently says it all..


Airtel New Logo goes Live! 3G on the Way!

Bharti Airtel, India’s Biggest Mobile Operator has released its New Logo Just today. The Website was “Under Construction” over 12 hours from yesterday and Later Made its Announcement of New Refreshing Airtel logo at 12:45 pm today (18 November 2010)..

The New Logo comes with a Clean SmallerCase Attractive Font .. Red on White and Viceversa.. Airtel had recently joined the social media Party recently by Showing its Presence on Twitter and Facebook Intensively with the URL @Airtel_Presence (Observe the Refreshed Logo Change in its Twitter Background). Looks like Airtel has Huge and Huge Plans for its Next Innovation in the Field of 3G Technology..

Visit Landing Page for the Brilliant animation and other promotions…

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Let Us know your Feedback on Airtel’s New Refreshing Logo.

Here is the New Airtel Ad which Includes the New Airtel Logo

Listen/ Download the New Airtel Signature Tune, The New Airtel Tune has a Tangential Change from the Previous Classical Airtel Tune by A R Rahman.. Much of Remix I can Say.

Download the New Airtel Music (MP3) here 1.4 Mb


Really? Windows Phone 7 Ad, A Must Watch

A Must Watch Video! I am just not recommending Only because it is made by Microsoft, The thing is It is really a worth watch for all you gadget Geeks.. Microsoft has come up with an Innovative Campaign to promote its product ‘Windows Phone 7’.. The Advertisement has already Grabbed 1,546,160 views in youtube within a month of its release.

Here it is:

The Ad Makes Sense for this Generation where phone has evolved to be as one of the Basic Needs(Almost an addiction), Of Course the Ad gives an exaggerated message that WINDOWS PHONE 7 has been specially optimized for YOU, the Users, so that you can come OUT of it, and switch IN to your life.. With Ease!

Thanks for the In depth Analysis on This Ad

We would like to hear from you. Yup,Really! Microsoft Lovers as well as its haters!


10 Best Hindustan Times Ad Videos you Must Watch!

Hello Readers, This Sunday, We Bring You Some Creative Short Videos made by ChromePictures Promoting The Popular English Daily in India, Hindustan Times. We Loved the Way the Video has been Made, Every 20 Second Ad Primarily aims at bringing everyone together.It is all about  youths attitude towards the Country..a Good Wake Up Message at end of every ad! The Ad is delivered for Indian Audience and We are Sure, Everyone Loves it and gets the Essence of it!

10.Shop Window

9.Reality Show




5.Traffic Jam



2.Sea Link


We Hope You Enjoyed watching! We Would like to Hear from you..Use Comments Section to Express your Opinions..

Xylys Possessed – For the connoisseur [TV ad]


The connoisseur will have it all. The billion dollar painting, company of the high class, the much sought after automobile, the costliest wine. But surely, he cant be complete without adding an xylys to his collection.
The latest xylys drives in this point quite convincingly in their new ad, Xylys possessed!

The young man is shown falling in love with his xylys. He loves it, adores and can’t seem to get enough of it. His priorities change. His whole life changes. Even a psychoanalyst cant seem to help him. The poor guy’s fascination for the xylys never ends.

The tagline?? You dont possess a xylys, it possesses you!
So, that explains his strange behavior huh?


Nokia’s “Go Hand in Hand” TV Ad Promoting Nokia E72, E71, E63 in India


Emotions and Promotions Don’t Come Hand in Hand

Soul mates and Growth Rates Don’t Come Hand in Hand

Passions and Presentations Don’t Come Hand in Hand

Presenting the New Nokia E72 with upto 10 Personal and Business Email Accounts- So you always stay Connected

Getting Everything and Not giving up a thing – Now Go Hand in Hand!

We already have learnt how easy it is to Use Nokia Messaging using Tips and Shortcuts for E72 and E52 to Check and Organize Emails

After a long Time, A wonderful Commercial has hit our Television Sets. Nokia has a Nice Track record in reaching People with its Inspiring Tag line “Connecting People” . This Time Nokia Messaging Team has Released a TV Commercial to promote their E-Series Nokia Phones E71, E72, E52 and E63. E Series Phones are targeted for Business People, who constantly wants to be in touch with Emails on the Go, where ever they Travel…

Hand in Hand Nokia Advertisement

The Ad Beautifully Describes How a successful business man misses Glorious moments of his Personal life. The Man drops his child for annual day function and he half heartedly leaves the place because of his business commitments.

“Emotions and Promotions” dont Come hand in hand

The Man Spending his Good times with his Soul mate, cannot be every time with her .. as the Business and Personal life are two different faces of same coin..he is forced to leave the place

“Soul mates and Growth Rates Don’t Come Hand in Hand”

He has to Sacrifice his Passions as well leaving his best of best friends…

“Passions and Presentations Don’t Come Hand in Hand”

The Ad Concludes with a Simple Solution, Having a Nokia Messaging Device where one could setup up to 10 Personal and Business Email Accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoomail etc.. So he can be in touch with his loved one’s 24×7… The Man finally Meets his Child and his Soul mate ..and Goes Hand-in-Hand!

What do you think of this advertisement by Nokia?

Download/Watch New Nokia E72 hand in Hand TV ad here: Link


Saif finds Kareena in Sunglasses at the Beach New Airtel Digital TV Ad


The Brand Ambassadors for Airtel’s Digital TV are Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. The TV Commercials made my Saif and Kareena Promoting Airtel Digital TV has always been a hit…

I hpe you are aware of The Famous “Dil Titli Sa” Song which created waves in Digital TV Industry. You can read more about Dil Titli Sa TV ad featured by Kareena Kapoor and Saif ali Khan…

Watch the New Airtel Digital TV ad featured by Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor… “THE BEACH” “THE BEACH HD”


This Time a New Airtel Digital TV ad is released shot on BEACH.. The Ad Features a lady in yellow and saif gives her a compliment “You look beautiful in yellow” and then adds, ” Because.. The Blue Sea, The Blue Sky.. The Sun, The Sand..” and tries to go closer to her… Intelligent Saif Suddenly starts diverting from his speech and says “Yellow se, I have a Girl friend, she looks fat… but i now have a lovely Girlfriend.. ” Kareena listening to this comes in back and Hugs him happily!!!


Behind the Story:

How did Saif Ali Khan Sense that Kareena is coming behind him??
Here is the Secret – AIRTEL DIGITAL TV… Airtel Digital TV Offers finest of finest quality of Video(that is MP4) and offers 5 times better picture quality with Airtel Digital TV HD which makes the difference.. The same video of Saif and Kareena kapoor at beach when watched in Airtel’s Digital TV, The user can find, Kareena Walking behind him through the yellow colored Girl’s Sun Glasses (Goggles)!!

So he stops praising the yellow girl and starts appreciating her girl friend that she is lovable etc etc.. and Kareena Gifts Saif a Hug..

Ufh What a Complicated Advertisement!!!

Download The Video Saif ali khan and Kareena Kapoor in New Airtel Digital TV Ad “THE BEACH” “Sunglasses” here

Watch Airtel HDTV Ad by Kareena and Saif.. Do Comment here if you liked or didn’t like the ad…


Ramesh and Suresh’s ReUnion with Cadbury 5 Star [TV Ad]


Reviewing Creative TV ads is our Fantasy! One Such TV ad which caught our eyes is Cadbury’s 5 Star. “jo khaye kho jaye” which Means “One who eats Gets Lost!” is the theme of the Latest Television Ad released by 5 Star Chocolate.

We had already seen Many Campaigns by 5 Star, “Where Customers Forget to Pay for Chocolate (as they have lost themselves eating Five Star ) also Cadburys 5 Star TVC – Lost in taste, Jo Khaaye Kho Jaaye

In This Video, We Can See Two Characters Suresh and Ramesh buying Cadbury 5 Star Chocolate from a shop keeper.. They Notice lately, They were Good Friends and Starts Remembering and says “Hey Ramesh How are You?”, “Hey Suresh How are you?” with a cool Hug. They start asking about each other and forgets each others Identity! [5 Star Impact] … Once They are finished with 5 Star byte, they land into real world, and shows excitement as if they are meeting first time, A Byte of Cadbury 5 Star again Makes them go back… “Both Forget Each Other” Huh!! This is a Crazy TV ad… an Unique Attempt for Sure.. The Best thing in this TV Commercial is The Shop Keeper Always remains the spectacle for “5 Star Victims”! You Can See Many Previous Campaigns by 5 Star with Similar Characters.. here are few Old Cadbury 5 Star TV ads

Download / Watch New 5 Star Ramesh Suresh TV ad Here

Liked This Ad? Do Comment!


Press 9 to Reach Customer Care in Tata DOCOMO [TV Ad]


Tata DOCOMO, is the Brand Which always works to Keep things Simple giving a higher priority to its Customers. We Can Always Evaluate the performance of a Telecom Operator by Keeping Customer Care as a Measure. The Kind of Response you receive for your Query, how fast and accurate you get the information, how easily you can reach the Customer Care at Anytime. All These Reflects The Kind of Service the Operator Offers for you….

Tata DOCOMO has gone one step Ahead by Introducing a New Method to Reach Customer Care,, If you are a DOCOMO User, and if you are messed up with some issue, all you need to Remember is a Single Digit ‘9’
.You Can Reach Customer Care Just by Dialing the Number 9 from your Handset.

Here is The Animated TV Ad by Tata DOCOMO with Message Why go through multiple levels to get help? Press 9 to talk to our customer care. Only fair, isn’t it?

[I Like the Sound when it Jumps :)]

To Check how the Service Works I Conducted a Small Experiment on my DOCOMO Phone. I was wondered how this could happen with a Single Digit! I dialed 9 from My Phone, Initially I was disappointed as i had assigned the digit ‘9’ for Speed Dial for some Number. After Switching Off The Speed Dial, I dialed 9…It Worked Like Charm, My Cell Started Displaying “Calling Customer Care” . By then I came to Know by Default Docomo has Added “Customer Care” number 121 in its SIM Card Memory. I Still didn’t give Up!!, I deleted the “Customer Care” contact from address book and then dialed 9… Surprise!, I was redirected to 121 which is Customer Care Number for Tata DOCOMO!! [Nice Work DOCOMO :)]

After The Welcome Message, I Pressed 9 during the Call, and I heard “Please Wait, while we Transfer the Call”!! Cool!! This Works like Charm!
Conclusion: No Need to Press That and This to Speak to an Operator, all you need to do is Remember the Digit “9” in Tata DOCOMO!


The New Nissan Micra Comes with I-Key [Ranbir Kapoor in TV Commercial]


Television is the place where we experience lot of Commercials promoting that and this. When it Comes to Advertising a brand like Car, one takes at most care so that it reaches to audience. Nissan is not New to India. Micra is The Newest Car which is Released from Nissan[ Read Nissan Micra – Yet another Small Car]. Nissan Has Started a New Campaign to Promote its NEW Nissan Micra Car which features Bollywood Star Ranbir Kapoor. Of Course Ranbir Kapoor suits Perfect to the ad. The Ad Gives More emphasis on “I-KEY” which means Intelligent Key System introduced for the First time.

Here is The TV Ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor in Nissan Micra Camaign

Watch/ Download the Video of Ranbir Kapoor Featuring in Nissan Micra TV Commercial Here

What is I-Key Shown in the Advertisement? How does it Work?

The Below Picture describes the Functionality of IKey. I-Key Stands for Intelligent Key System.

Having Nissan Micra’s Intelligent key fob, one can easily start the engine with the push of a button & lock/unlock the doors just by touching the request switch on the door handle. Also Provides Extra security by the engine immobilizer which prevents anyone without the key from starting the car.

Nissan Micra is priced between 4-5 lakhs in the Indian market.


Kajol in Alpenliebe’s Monkey Dance TV Ad [Commercial]

Kajol is the Brand Ambasadar for Perfetti’s Alpenliebe Chocolate. Alpenliebe is the Most oldest and Most famous Chocolate in Indian Market. Alpenlibe has made its own brand name by continuously keeping in touch with Media! Alpenlibe is Available in Different Flavors.. Most Famous being “Strawberry” and “Butter Scotch”.

Kajol had Recently appeared in Alpenliebe’s TV ad with Crocodile and as well as a Small Kid where she talks to “Putta” who is a very Naughty Boy.
One More in The Row, Kajol Dances in a Monkey Group in a Desi Way..
The Theme of the Ad is not so extra-ordinary. This New alpenlibe Monkey ad shall amuse small kids cause of its Gigantic Monkey Character and also because of School Boys appearing in Monkey Way with Monkey Faced and having a Kind of Monkey Body.

You Can Watch the TV Ad featuring Kajol (along with few Monkeys) Here!

Download the Monkey TV Commercial of Alpenlibe.
Download Alpenliebe Kajol Advertisement Darling Darling Darling Here.